A new kind of stand-up coast.

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I found these videos through a link on the German unicycle forum. They appear to show Julien Monney doing sideways coasting, standing on the saddle. I never thought this was possible. Does anyone have any information about this trick and whether or not the videos were faked? I know Julien Monney is a fantastic unicyclist, but this looks impossible.
The link:http://www.monocycle.ch/

It looks real, although it seems like he has customised the seat somehow to give him more footing and control. Very AMAZING! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Getting back down from there shouldn’t be too hard…but man…getting up must be impossible…I think that he pusshes himself off a wall or something…nevertheless…it is amazing

That’s just amazing. Hopefully it is for real.

Back in 1997 when the standard skill competition rules were being worked on, we were joking about adding that skill to the list. Too bad we didn’t.

That’s absolutely incredible! I’d love to see him release a freestyle movie (DVD).


I had planned to go and film Julien in Geneva for my new video, but my injuries held me back. He told me about this trick that he had not shown anyone, coasting standing on the seat. I figured he was describing it wrong and that he couldn’t be possibly standing on the seat and coasting. Well…

As impossible as it looks, I believe that it is real. I think that the easiest way to get into this trick would be to step up to the seat from 1 foot stand up coasting, maybe easier than pushing off a wall… not sure how he does it though.

Too bad he’s retired!

Re: A new kind of stand-up coast.

On Sat, 15 Jan 2005 15:24:26 -0600, “Murde Mental” wrote:

>Getting back down from there shouldn’t be too hard…but man…getting
>up must be impossible…I think that he pusshes himself off a wall or
>something…nevertheless…it is amazing

The first vid may provide a hint on how he gets up there. Mount near a
wall, get pulled of by someone else until stable, then go solo.

As for getting back down I think it would be possible to jump down to
the pedals just at once. Kind of a half suicide mount.

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Is too speachless to say that was the craziest thing he’s ever seen done on a unicycle (probably)

ARGH, for some reason i cant get onto monocycle.ch, could someone please post up the videos cus im dying to see them:D

ill try again tomorrow, so its not the end of the world if you cant get them uploaded,

thanks, iain


i was looking for more videos of julien, and decided to search the gallery, one of the first galleries on the gallery page was one made by kris holm, containing oney one thing, the video of julien stand up seat coasting :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: im guessing kris uploaded it after he read my post, i was stunned to say the least.

if it was uploaded for me, thanks kris.

it was truely amazing, he makes it look so easy as well :roll_eyes:


How do I see the video? I get a site with no links to a video of any sort.

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On Sun, 16 Jan 2005 21:28:05 -0600, “PopeSamXVI” wrote:

>How do I see the video? I get a site with no links to a video of any

It seems the site layout has been changed. Go to
<http://www.monocycle.ch/dwld/> and click the three mp4 files.

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Re: A new kind of stand-up coast.

It wasn’t. I don’t recall ever having seen illustratioins, photos, or any kind of text accounts of such a trick. Julien would seem to be in a totally new area of unicycling.

Knowing Julien, the video does not look at all faked to me.

My guess is that the foot-plates are as big as his feet, to give him full heel-toe control. He’ll need that to keep the unicycle from falling to the sides. That’s probably the hardest part about being up there.

Getting down will probably be the easiest part of doing that trick. Getting up might take him years to work out. He can jump down to the tire, or do a half-twist and go straight to the pedals. Of course the foot-plates will be in the way the rest of the time, but an audience of unicyclists will never care!

It reminds me of being taught the “saddle stand” on the artistic bicycle. You stand with both feet on the seat, facing forward. Your feet are right next to each other, and you have only partial foot contact with the seat. The bike wants to slam down to the left or right, and my coach, though he couldn’t speak English, made it clear to me that this was a pretty dangerous trick. I never got beyond the spotted stage of doing it…

Congratulations Julien!

it’d even be hard to push away from a wall cuz the unicycle wouldn’t stay under you. maybe he could do a 180 while standing up there.:slight_smile:

A couple of weeks ago I saw a video of somebody riding a bike like a surfboard (left foot on handlebars, right on seat) and twisting left and right to propel himself forwards. I’ve also done this (but riding the bike in the normal position) and it works quite effectively.

So you know what comes next don’t you? :wink: I thought coasting standing on the seat was impossible, but I was proven wrong…so maybe this will be too.

Instinct and ‘gut-feeling’ tells me that even with one wheel instead of two, this method of propelling yourself forwards by twisting left and right would be physically possible on a unicycle. Can anyone back that up?

I’m picturing this…
When you angle the wheel right a little, you could push against it so your body is travelling forwards with more momentum, then steer the wheel around so it’s once again under you. Then do the same on the left and continue in a repeated squiggly line.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Have you seen it being done on a bike or something else? Maybe somebody who can coast normally very very confidently could give it a shot.


that was freaking INSANE!

i wanna try.

Although it’d be damn near impossible, I think that it technically would work.

What’s Julien gonna learn next? A handstand on the seat coasting? That new coast is so cool I can’t wait to see it in person at the next unicon. Wonder if he’ll have any other tricks up his sleave…

I don’t know if you can get forward momentum out of zig-zag riding without a second point of contact with the ground. I’ve done it on a skateboard and on skates, and perhaps a little bit on a bike (but not while standing on it, which I can do), but I think part of that process relies on the fact that there are two contact points with the ground.

We need a physics expert here to help us out.

But anyway, Julien is a ways from surfing up there at this point. Being up there at all is very cool. I’m sure he starts out about the same way I used to start out when riding the handlebars on my artistic bike.

That’s standing on the handlebars, one foot on each side. I never learned the transition into the trick, but I could get up there and then push off from the gym wall.

:astonished: segsehyrjstyksa

(i hit a bunch of keys when my jaw dropped onto the keyboard.)

Interestingly, I was digging through the forum archives a while back, and I found a couple of posts by Jack Halpern, where he maintained that coasting standing on the seat would be possible. I didn’t take him seriously at the time, but apparently he has more foresight than I thought.