a new k1

Hey guys
i am going to Paris an a month and i was thinking of getting a k1,so what would you guys think i should get?and where should i get it?
I do mainly street and trails and i’m on a budget.


then get a nimbus isis.

i already do its a pretty broke

well what’s broken? Cranks usually break on those nimbus ISIS so swap them out for moments, and if the seats broken change it to a CF base and if the seatpost is broken get a crmo one.

To be honest koxx posts are just as bad as nimbus ones if they are aluminium (ok the pit fighter is probably stronger but if your tight on money then not a good plan :wink: )

The koxx cranks are probably weaker than moments - has anyone managed to break the moments yet?

and the seats, well they all use the same base, so the onyl way to make sure it wont break again is to go CF.

If you broke the rim then the koxx rims are weaker apart from the reinforced rim, but the nimbus rim is alot cheaper and just as strong.

And if you broke a nimbus II frame… well then just get another one cause they are about as strong as it gets… Koxx devil frames arent as nice cause they don’t have machined bearings.

The thing about the Nimbus rims(42 mm) is that they are not as wide as the Koxx One or KH rims(47mm) and a tire in a Nimbus rim will fold easier.

well my cranks are bent, and because i have put my old round crown frame it is too thin at the bearing things and i rode it, and its wrecked all my spokes so i would need a new wheel, tire and cranks and i think i cracked my seat too.

The shop in Paris to buy K1 uni is K-124 : http://www.k-124house.com/site/contact

K-124House Paris
9 rue Pierre Dupont
75010 Paris France

Open From Tuesday to Saturday - 10 AM to 7 PM
Phone: (+33) 140 357 547
Mail: infoparis@k-124house.fr

yeah thats a mad site thanks.