A New Idea!!

Has anyone tried unicyle trampolining? i wonder how high you could bounce. I’m definitely gunna try it when i get home for christmas break. I’ll video document it.


Its been done a lot. =p

Someone has almost done a backflip that way. well, kinda.

They would jump up, land on their back, then flip over to their wheel.


I’ve tried it but I didn’t have anything to jump onto the trampoline from, so it was hard to get started. It would be better to do it without a wheel, just the hub and cranks. My friends and I trampoline bike and we use a bike with no wheels. It is also important that anything sharp is covered with duct tape or it will cut the trampoline.

I have one with a net on it, so you can hold on to one of the poles to get started. It’s a lot harder than you would think! You can’t correct yourself as quickly, because your jumping higher.

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Yeah, 1983! That’s how we all dressed, either running shorts or cutoffs! Anyone wearing cycling shorts in those days stood out as a weirdo, believe it or not.

Slower. You can compress your legs more without a unicycle there. Unless you did it SIF perhaps, with the extra weight of the unicycle you might get going quicker than without?

If you’re on one like the one in my linked picture you’ll have more grip than you know what to do with. The thing was absolutely unrideable-on due to excessive grip. And thats with a skinny, high-pressure 1.75" tire.


Yes, but not easy. The “taller” you are, the slower you rotate so the more energy you need to get that rotation going. I learned this by trying to do dives off a diving board with a unicycle. Try to do it like you would without and you’ll bellyflop over and over! :slight_smile:

yea thats what i want to try. Maybe i’ll finally land the 360 unispin…or more. And crank flips haha. I’m just concerned about ripping the trampoline.

Yep i tried it. It’s not so much fun i think…

I have one of those safty nets that go around the trampoline to keep you from falling off and breaking your neck. It gives me the confidence to try stuff that I normaly wouldn’t sithout it, for fear of getting flung off.

me and fredrik tried unicycling on a trampoline, it was kinda hard, but very fun… we did some 360`s and stuff…