A new Cokernaut

So I bought Evan’s coker two weeks ago, but he had 110s on it so I had to wait around for some new cranks from U.C, long story short Iw as only just able to get around to taking it out. I had to weight til Sunday because on Sundays I can use the library parking lot, it has lamp posts and a nice wall for mouting assistance if needed.

At first I was so furstrated, I was using the wall to mount, and I could only get a couple of rotations. So so weird to have to learn all over again. It took me about 8 tries really get it, which was weird because years ago when I tried someoen’s coker I was able to mount (with the help of a signpost) and ride away.

But within an hours time I was riding figure 8s around the lamp posts, and I was even able to land a few of my freemount attempts.

I must say, I am hooked. After today I can’t see myself ever riding my 24" ever again.

Nice job on picking it up so quickly!! I remember it took me like ten minutes before I could even be able to ride it. And of course took me at least a week to be able to freemount it… But yeah, nice one.
Now that you can do it, you should put the 110’s back on it and see how fast you can go (:

“…but he had 110s on it so I had to wait around for some new cranks from U.C”

What size cranks did you get?

Were they these?

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Yes, I got the 150mm. I can see that I’ll definitly switch back to the 110s at some point soon because withteh 150s it feels like I really have to lift my knees up high. Maybe after I can freemount 90% I’ll make the change, but for now I need control more than I need speed.

the 110s are Fast

Congrats on your new favourite toy. You’ll have great fun on it.

For speed and crank length, remember that Aspenmike averages over 10mph for 8 hours at a time over mountain passes on 170s. I have averaged just a tad under 13 mph for a whole hour on 150s. I never found 125s faster on a journey, although they offer a higher terminal velocity (too near to terminal for my liking).

As one who has tried many combinations of crank and wheel size, I am confident that the pursuit of ever shorter cranks has less to do with speed than it has to do with the challenge, and the machismo factor. (“Oh, 89s on a Coker? How quaint. I’m down to 15s now, until my new 12.2s arrive…” etc.)

As for the never riding the 24 again. Hah! You will go through phases, like we all do. The Coker is fast, furious, a little dangerous… but a little slow and ponderous to manouevre. The 24 is light and versatile, but dreadfully slow on a long straight road. Each size of uni has its characteristics and its character.

In a few weeks, you may be bored with the Coker. I went through that phase: “Is this all it does?”, but if you keep pushing the limits, ride further, faster, take it off road, attack a few trails, you’ll find it’s an amazing beast. Enjoy!

110 cranks

My theory is that for each Coker rider, the crank size will depend on the riders leg strength and each Cokeur must ‘calibrate’ his crank length.
My orginal 170 felt so big and lumbering; 150 didn’t make much differance. However, 89’ were just ridiculeous difficult to handle.
Then finally, the QU-AX 110mm were just perfect.
You feel like “Goldilocks and The Three Bears”; finding the perfect favored cranks! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not simply leg strength, but leg length, technique and so on. It is possible to ride a uni with ridiculously short cranks if you have the skill, the road space to wind up and wind down, and the confidence that you will bounce. Things happen very quickly with short cranks…

I had 89s on the 24 for a while, and decided they were, for me, no more than a gimmick. I like 110s on the 28 - 102s were too much of a sacrifice in terms of versatility. I’ve tried reducing the cranks on the Coker from 150, but although it’s perfectly rideable, even 125s make it that bit too much of a handful on rutted single track, and I keep going back to the 150s.

Taste in terrain is therefore also a factor.

Is that due to an open-mouth face-plant? :thinking: :wink:

Sorry, but, what is a crank?

crank (arm) == the part that connects the pedal to the wheel

on 5 miles i did about 16mph avrage.