A new adventure! (learning how to uni)

Well, my parents went off and suprised me for christmas with a Nimbus II uni. A nice lookin, blue, 24" freestyle uni. I was hoping for a Club! I’ve already wacked the bumpers on the ground a couple times, but I get better every time out. I do try to catch it every time I fall off, and manage most of the time. Can this cause a ton of damage to the uni? It’s seems pretty nice and I’d hate to break something before I can even ride it.

I had a quick question, When I cut my seatpost, the cut wasn’t quite square, and I used a grinder to square it up a bit. My question is, can this overheat the seatpost to a point of being too brittle or something?

So far, I’m riding along a fence and holding on as little as possible. I ride for about 30 ft, and then when I get to the end of the fence, I try to ride as far as I can before falling off. I can now get about a revolution and a half with an hour and a half of practice or so.

Just curious, are there any other tips on learning? I’m thinking just persist, and eventually something will just click. I really like doing it, as little distance as I’m able to go though.

I’m eager to get to the point that I can ride out to check the mail and muni down in the woods across from my house.

I’m going to try and keep a bit of a log/journal on here and let you guys know how far I’m getting along so you can all tell me what I’m doing wrong!:smiley:

Happy holidays to everyone, best Christmas Ever!

Oh, and any recommendations on a 24x2.1ish tire. I can’t fit a 3, maybe barely a 2.5…

Thanks to all!

Merry Christmas! Welcome.

The bumpers are pretty tough and made to take lots of hits, they will get scraped up, no need to worry about it. That Uni is a pretty tough uni, you needn’t worry too much about damaging it as long as it’s under normal use.

I wouldn’t worry about the seatpost, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

You can check out this thread from someone who has just been learning and doing a kick-ass job at it by the way, it took me about 4 times as long but I’m going to blame it on my age :wink:

New learner thread

This forum is a huge help in getting started, just about every question to be asked has been asked so dig around and use the search function… All your questions will be answered, and if you can’t find the answer, feel free to ask, there are many people here who are VERY experienced and happy to help.

Wow, thanks for the link! Very cool, I’m going to try and do it just like him. Thanks for easing my mind on the uni’s strength and durability.

Thanks again!

that is a tough uni! just be careful smacking your bumpers when you are in sub freezing tempitures the handles get a bit more brittle. i break all of mine in the sub freezing tempiture.

Puhaha he linked you to my thread :3 That makes me blush. There’s also dudewithoutasock, 57UniRider, and The Learning Journal threads which are a nice read if it’s too cold or wet to uni or you’re too sore. I guess just make sure you get you seat post adjusted right, seat how you want it, psi right, and just keep at it!

It’s cool you got a Nimbus II 24"! Same as me but I have red. No worries, I’ve dropped it in a multitude of ways, so let it drop and catch it once you’re safe.

That’s funny. I also made it a point to uni to the mailbox the other day. Haha, was fun. Keep us updated and just keep at it! Also if you find out what the biggest tire we can fit in the 24 Nimbus II is, let us know.

Have fun! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the words guys! What sucks the most is it’s dark now, so I cannot keep practicing…

What PSI are you running? I’ve got mine around 55-60 but was curious if lower/higher, would be better?

Thanks again! :smiley: Reading all the journals is inspiring. So is Dan Heaton…

Basement or garage! Haha.

On tire pressure, here you go:

I really like doing it, as little distance as I’m able to go though.

Yeah, that’s what keeps you going. Any revolution of pedals you go further the more you enjoy it. For me it’s the best antidepressant.



Or streetlights - I did quite a bit of my learning under those (including in a supermarket carpark).

On tyre pressure, my vote is for highish when learning - the one time I let my pressure get a bit low I found it a complete nightmare.

Lower pressure is good for Muni and hopping but not for learning because the uni isn’t as stable with low tire pressure

Hey Killian,

Congrats on your nice new uni!!
Have fun!

Thanks for the help on tire pressure guys! Should have searched that (duh!). Funny, I don’t have a basement, or garage. But I have a porchlight so I’m making it work…

Got 4 revs today, this is FUN!

That was quick! How old are you anyway Killian? Sounds like you’re going to be flying in no time!

16 for another month. Got 7 revs about a half hour ago! :D:D:D Getting ready to go back out…

Yup. Absolutely gonna be flying soon :slight_smile:

post a pic of your new toy!

I’m gonna try to get some pics riding it tomorrow. We’ll see if I can get the camera working…

Oh, and when I went back out for another 30 minutes I got 8 revs! Just get’s better! :smiley:

Started really working on freemounts this morning. Can get 3 1/2 to 4 revs every once in a while, and at least 1/2 revs if I make it all the way on the thing. Hopefully by the end of the day, I’ll almost have it down, progress is starting to speed up and I usually do better every time out.

8 revs is still my best…

Holy shit

So here. I’m going to update Killian’s thread for him.


Yeah, when I did 25 revs I just about couldn’t believe it myself.

I’ve almost got freemounts down and I’m going to start learning how to hop a bit. I have found that I can kind of stand on the pedals and hold my self up using the handle, to get my balls out of the way, then I can ride in comfort. Learning to freemount was sketchy though, I think I sat on them about 3 times and had to lay down for a minute. :smiley:

Tomorrow, I’m riding to the mailbox. It’s happining.

I wish I had a camera so you all could see that I’m not making this up. :roll_eyes: