A neat little article- Victoria University Mag

Here’s a neat wee article- this one appears in the current Victoria University magazine “Salient”. The reporter (Tom Fitzsimons) interviews Joe Dyson (unicyclistjoe) and me and we talk unicycling :sunglasses: . One of the more cleverly written articles I thought:




yeah cool article guys :smiley:

Nice article - it was indeed well written. :sunglasses: Good plug for www.unicycle.co.nz too! :smiley:

Yes – nice one; an article with some thought put into it.

Nice. That writer has some skills. I think it’s because they’re not forced to conform to anything maybe?

I really liked that article:)

That was a great article. I think its a wonderful opportunity for people to see what unicycling is really about, not the clown and circus image that they currently have. This article makes it more real, like a legitmate past time and hobby. I loved it. That journalist really knows how to write.


That was one of the finest articles I’ve seen on unicycling. Thanks for posting the link. The author’s approach was so much more creative and positive than the many others I have read.

The fact that I read the whole thing separates that from most unicycling articles. They seemed to understand us. :slight_smile:



Cool- I’ll pass the comments on :slight_smile: