A near miss

A cautionary note - no, make that 2 notes.

A pitch black night.
Newly laid street with virgin pavement.
No houses yet; no street lights.
I can see nothing and nothing can see me.
Been here before; know the drill.
This time I shall try out my single LED uni light (Range about 5 ft).

Thank Heavens.

In the darkness ahead lieth a waiting monster.
Three meters of fresh concrete
protected by a miniscule twig for a barrier.

The intrepid unicyclist approacheth…

…expecting nothing but good pavement.

What the…? The LED has seen something.

Reaction delay reduces the range from 5 ft to 2 ft.

Now the moral of this note is to make sure you can pile off the back of the uni when you have to. Never mind the being graceful bit.

Dismounting from the front would have been a disaster. And a running front dismount doesn’t bear thinking about.

Note to self: Any light is better than no light.

i should work on getting off the back, i can do it, just i have to plan a foot or two in advance

i used to dimount out in front with the unicycle behind then i figured it was a lot easier to come off backwards, that way you don’t have to swing the unicycle around so it is in front of you. im gonna get a set of LED lights and ride around, that would be so cool and yes i agree, one light is better than no light.

you can pick up a good LED light with a headband and adjustable angle at walmart or target for like $10-15. if you wear a helmet, just strap it on there and it works really well.

edit: i just noticed that you’re in new zealand. replace “walmart or target” with whatever the hell you guys have over there.

edit: i see you’re in new zealand. replace “walmart or target” with whatever the hell you guys have over there.

^^^^^^^^^^^^^that would be “the warehouse”

The neat thing about wet concrete is that when it dries it tells a little story. You can see if maybe a bird hopped across it, or a dog stepped in it, or maybe one set of tracks follows the other.

I’m imagining the locals trying, in years to come, to figure out how the imprint of a single wheel and sprawled rider in full UPD came to be embedded in their pavement. That would surely be a story worth telling :wink:

“Maybe he was being chased by jugglers”

I bet the imbedded UPD facial expression would give children nighmares about the Unicycle Man for many years to come!