a must see trailer... OWA


get it here!!!

one wheel addiction trailer

the soundtrack is by no one whom is still alive or cares that ive used it. also sounds like anyone could be singing it. if you would call it singing

it is not that informative of skill level… (i dont have any fears of the movie being sub-standard in that department)… but it is a true teaser…

i definite worthy video for your collection…

if you dont make videos its hard to understand how much work goes into making them… but those who do apprecitate it.

i will make a better trailer post-release date (they take like 20mins)…

very soon now!!!

Thats cool ill be addin that to my collection fo sho.


Looks great. Are you going to have any north American distributors?

Syko Productions will be selling the DVD in the US.

Should be available soon after it is released.


Re: a must see trailer… OWA

So what exactly does that mean? Christmas? New Year’s? Easter?

Given the choice of soundtrack (nice), my guess is Easter.

Re: a must see trailer… OWA

On Wed, 3 Nov 2004 23:15:23 -0600, “tomsey” wrote:


Very cool trailer. Mesmerising music choice. The riding over upright
spools was fascinating. And what happens with the ‘graphic’ shot
almost in the middle where you hold the wheel? Does the wheel glide on
the ‘riding’ surface or what?

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Re: Re: a must see trailer… OWA

i think that was just a still stand, with the hand on wheel sorta thing. the camera moves in a direction that mimics foward movment though.

is that a broken leg in the end? it appears that a boot to the head at such an angle would be impossible without a broken stick.

id be lying if i knew when it will be out… i expected it to be out by late easter…

im gonna say but… anyone in the world will be able to get it for christmas. if you dont celebrate christmas then honika or whatever.

this is kinda unnerving however because brian makenzie is also releasing a video shortly. “training wheel not required”

i cant help but feel a little competitive here.

mine will only cost $15 US.

this will be an extra cool christmas because to get to choose which new unicycling video you wanna get. that option never came before.

its up to you… what you like more really

or you could just get both…

remeber to check out the trailer at


Luckily DVD prices have come down so much that competition is not really an issue. And…yours will be out for several months before mine is.

I’m really excited for my copy of OWA!

added to MY uni video list…

that’s a great trailer.

Cool trailer. And cheesy music… :stuck_out_tongue:

cheesy music…agreed…but that no footer was cool

That is a great teaser. Showing just enough to want a whole lot more. Good job.

Holy crap, did your foot touch your head in the last scene?

Sweet trailer, I think I’ll buy this one.

I think that was Andrew Carter, and I suppose he is very flexible, because his leg isn’t broken.

No actually that clip is of Alex. My claim to fame is my faceplant (see avatar).

I just finished editing my segment of the movie then and am about to send it off to Alex. I’m happy with it. I’ve also got a 3min30sec natural trials segment in the extras.


Rawk Rawk, the parrot strikes again…

No I don’t think it wasn’t broken, but otherwise I have no idea what the damage was.

i was unconciuos for about 30 seconds…

the dudes around me thought i was dead like i snapped my neck of something.

no broken leg… but i did have a nice rocks and dirt encrusted face for a while.

get the video…

and now a subliminal message for you all


there is about 20 minutes of bonus footage… with sections of riding, tutorials and arty fun things to inspire to.

Nice. You should put some of your big grinds in the next trailer. Is it being sold in Canada?