A MUST SEE thread for STREET unicyclists (new street trick invented and more...)

I was surprised today to find the video that I couldn’t find anywhere else on veoh. It’s a video of Alex Toms (Australia Street Unicyclist) and it shows him on the Guinness world record studios 2005. He breaks 2 records but it only shows one which is the Longest Rail Grind on a unicycle. (the other one was the highest drop but it didn’t show it)

Before Alex does his grinds for the world record, it shows a clip of him doing a really weird street trick. It’s hard to explain, he grabs the seat and spins the frame around or something, its like a “seatwhip” in the air (crankgrab on a high ledge then let go of the seat and it spins around and you catch it). Is this trick new and does it have a name? Seen it done before?

Anyway, Alex breaks the world record officially for the longest rail grind which was about 3 meters I think just watch the video. I’m sure some of you unicyclists have grinded further than that but just un-officially, Am I rite?

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May 2005, kind of an old record don’t you think? Someone must have broken that by now.

I remember again why i blocked you a few weeks ago (i need to do that again).
It is not New. I think it was a freestylist who I saw do it before.

footplant not crankgrab.

Hey man, arn’t I allowed to make a mistake or ask a question?..
And besides, I was describing what a seatwhip was, not the trick that Alex Toms did.

And BTW do you know the name of the trick or if you saw it in a video? Because this could maybe come out as a new trick. I know I’m going to learn to do it.

Possibly, but maybe no one has gotten around or thought about breaking it officially.

EDIT: And yay 400th post.

haha… Its a footplant seatwhip, Thats the trick a lot of people have been thinking of. Haha… its great to see one done finally…

edit: well, thats the technical name of the trick.

Looks more of a juggling prop during that trick, the way the unicycle is manipulated.

the trick people have been talking about is a seatwhip with no support. as in jump up, throw seat around, and land.

He called the trick a Matrix Plant. And it’s pretty silly, because no one does them smooth at all. A seat whip would be with no feet at all.

Kevin McMullin

maybe not official, but definitely bigger!:

Coming from someone who can’t 180 jump mount properly, that sentence doesn’t sound promising. Best of luck though…

Note that that video was in 2005…Much longer handrails have been ridden by now.

So is the name “Matrix Plant” official and reall or is that just what he called it? How did you find out that he calls it a Matrix Plant?

I can’t go back to the video because of mega downloads, I forgot, did Alex have his feet on the pedals when he swung it around? All i remember was jump of, grab tyre, swing, land.

Its a Lucas whip! :smiley:

I believe the famed Lucas whip involves some sort of crank flip first, although I’m certain it’s different every time. And the Lucas whip is NEVER a Lucas whip unless Lucas Wintercrane himself is the executer.

Lol, sounds very lucasy

the longest rail i’ve seen is the 16 set rail that someone did (supposedly first try) … i think its in ill, but i’m really not sure.