a movie...

this is one of my movies.


You seem to excel at hurting yourself. How many unicycles do you have, anyway?

5 including my bc

Good movie! How long have you been uniing?


6 months

Great movie!! You’re a fast learner.


Spelling and grammar are a good thing!

catboy said, quote " it sucks ball sack"

you’ve been riding long as i have. Good movie…

check out our teaser: http://whosyourdaddy.ath.cx/bild/klick.asp?id=9


GRRRR!!! that’s MY specialty! GRRRR!!

Hmm, I think he actually said Spelling and grammar are a good thing!. That’s what I got, anyway. And I’d agree with him.

Yeah, it was quite a good movie. I think you should try to not take so many little teeny pogostick-like hops in between the big hops.
Go to unicycle.2ya.com and download Kris Holm’s movie about hopping, it’s helpful.

i know about the little hops, this if footy from about 2 months ago. i am much better now.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!! I hate the song though!!!

cool. what can you do sens then ?

you’re pretty talented.
Can you glide in the mean time? 1 ft WW was nearly working 2 months ago!

And your jumps are pretty high! keep on riding, when it comes to height you make me (riding for 7 months) look like a wuss, and I guess I am 10 years older than you :slight_smile:


It’s not that bad, methinks. It’s not good, either, but it’s not bad.

Nice movie. You are indeed a fast learner (faster them me at least). I just don’t like the movie, but mute is easy enough to hit.

Eeearm CRASH!

Actually that was my evil, yet ery intelligent twin : MM Catboy

The MM stands for Maliciously Maniacal, although I find all of hiv views on media to be extremely accurate and would support him in the comment.

nice video dude, but thwe music pised me off