a more versatile unicycle.

o.k. i’m not sure if i’m realy going to go through with this purchase because it’ll probably cost me a fortune to get is shipped to italy where i am now, but i’m thinking of building a new unicycle, with a 20" big apple tyre and a set of 127mm qu-ax cranks.

the idea is to have a unicycle that is nice for freestyle and can handle some trials too.
since i’m spending the summer on the road i do’t want to take two unicycles.

when i saw him at bjc in derby roger said that the big apple wasn’t good for trials due to its thin side walls,

do you think its completely unsuittable for jumping and stuff or do i just need to run it at a higher pressure?

anybody try it ?

I haven’t tried the BA 20" but the Primo The Wall or Maxxis Hookworm would be fine for your application. They are great for freestyle and super tough and stiff.

this one:
was built for a similar multi-purpose
(but probably not for trial)

The Maxxis hookworm seems to be super tough to me and would be my choiceof the tyres I’ve tried, but The Wall tyres are nice too.

Would ordering from municycle.com be cheapish? It’s £11 or so to the UK, so I can’t imagine Italy being much different.

Re: a more versatile unicycle.

“U-Turn” <U-Turn@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> writes:

> I haven’t tried the BA 20" but the Primo The Wall or Maxxis Hookworm
> would be fine for your application. They are great for freestyle and
> super tough and stiff.

I don’t know about the other tires, but be aware that the Hookworm
20x1.95 doesn’t like being ridden at low pressure. The sidewall is
thin and lacks the stiffness of its bigger brothers (like the 26x2.5
Hookworm). Still, its a nice tire.


You can get qu-ax stuff through roger you just gotta email him and ask just so you know.

Unless Roger is in Italy, I don’t think it’d be much use! :smiley:

You might want to try the Twenty-G tire by 3G Bikes. It might be a good compromise between high volume for trials and smoothness for freestyle. I haven’t tried the tire yet so I don’t know. I do have the Hoggy-G on my 24" urban wheel and I like the tire.

The Twenty-G is a 20" tire and would require a 20" rim rather than a 19" trials rim.

nah, i realy want a 20" but thanks anyway.

yeeah, these tyres look even better than the big apple 20"

i’ve emailed a couple of european 3g distributors to get a price.

i’ve come to terms with the fact i’m not going to find a 19x2.5 slick so the 20" rim is kind of taken for granted.
i’ve been looking for a big fat slick tyre for ages.

with 125 cranks and a slick tyre, i’ll have a lovely street uni.
still got to decide on a frame.

i already have a unicycle with a primo “the wall”

but i want something a little bit more like a trials tyre, but slick.

the big apple 20 is nice and fat and slick.

the idea is to build a unicycle thats happy doing trails or freestyle without too much of a comprimise.

hence splined cranks and a fat tyre. any ideas for a good frame?
i’m looking for something without too much clearance over the tyre, cheap(i never broke a frame yet no point in using titanium) and with a nice shoulder for gliding and 1ft.

We have one rider in our club that is riding a 20” Big Apple and using it as a very versatile unicycle. It fits the normal 20" rim and the rolling circumference is a little larger so he can actually get places. The lad has no trouble with grip on the clubs trials obstacles – even riding along an elevated PVC pipe. I can’t speak to the issue of the sidewalls as I’ve heard of no troubles with his set-up. I’ve used the Schwalbe 29” Big Apple and if the rubber compounds are the same, as I believe they are, I think that the rubber is great for a variety of situations.

Good luck and have fun in Italy,

It would be nice if thier was a multi purpose unicycle because the onza for freestyle isnt ideal. im going to make a trials that i can do freestyle on after i get some money. The Quax 125 cranks and hub and i want some small frame like Dm Expert but dm dont sell the frames seperate :(.


What about the Pichlerrad Solo? I believe that frame is wide enough for the fat Twenty-G tire. It also looks like the crown is high enough to clear the Twenty-G tire. If the 20" frame isn’t high enough you could go with the 24" frame and cut the legs down to get the height you need. The frame design is such that you can cut the legs to get the crown at the exact height you like above the tire. It looks like he sells the frame individually (without forcing you to buy an entire unicycle).

I’m just not sure if the frame will fit the bearings used on the Qu-Ax hub. You’ll need to verify that the Solo frame and the Qu-Ax hub fit the same size bearings.

i thought about the pichler frame but i don’t like the bearing holders, since i like to grind they’d get expensive to replace.
i heard that you can get a pichler frame with regular tai style lolipops though, maybe i’ll check it out. i don’t know what size the bearing holdes are

perhaps the pichler frame forks are the same diameter as a cheeapo tiawan frame, if so i could buy a cheepo 24 frame, a pichler crown, and cut the legs off the cheapo 24 and stick them in the pichler crown.
according to the pichler website they even sell the crown and seetpost tube seperatly. for 58 € annother 20-30 for a cheapo frame and i’ll have a reay good frame for not too much cash!

does anybody
here have a pichler frame that they can mesure the outside diameter of the legs?
and somebody with a generic tai frame with main cap bearings? again the forks outside diamerter.
and somebody with a new nimbus frame with round forks? o.d.?

i’m kind of stuck in a forign country without all my usual resources.
so i apreciate you guys help.

looks like i’ll be able to busk enough money to buy the unicycle in a week or so. so i’m feeling happy!

i know what you mean, my first choice of frame would probably be a dm too but i’m not keen on buying a whole uni from him, although wills dm is lovely.

i’m quite lucky on the cash front at the moment because i’m in italy in the summer with a contact juggling ball and a hat.

could you ask your local big apple expert about how the tyre is for big drops and sidehops? is it pumped up high pressure of soft like a regular trais uni?