A More Suitable CTUni Preview

Ok people. We have a better preview for you if you care to see it. Its the latest thing in the galleries! I hope you enjoy it! We may have another one come Spring.


Tell us what you think. Be mean. Encourage us to be more extreme.


I dont know if youve ever played the game bonestorm, but if you have then you need to put more of that in your vid. (you simpsons fans should know what I’m talking about)

Great little clip though. It looked like alot of fun to make. I cant wait to see more.



can people save there movies and videos of something else other then .mov , because i cant play it.

Re: umm…

go to http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/ and download the player - it’s free

Not available for GNU/Linux systems. I’ve got the same problem.

Great job, I love the sound track. I can’t remember who it was… was it you uniryder? that was asking what type of music to use for their vid. Cake is a great compromise between punk rock and non punk.

I can’t wait to see the rest.

Thanks for all of your comments. I agree… if your filming a uni video you should leave out the punk rock. Who REALLY likes most of that stuff anyway (no offense to those of you who do… I do occasionly go to a local concert)? We are thinking of using some local ska though… A band called Half Your Luck that you can find on www.mp3.com. Any ideas? What kind of music would you like to hear in a video?

Our new trailer!!



Hi, saw you movie. I liked it but was kinda dark and just a little hard to see. You ride a uni pretty good, I wish I could do that…How long have you been riding one? How do you stand still and keep your balance? You could use the video to help others to learn how to ride. Do one on mounting and some of the basics of riding a uni. It would be a big help to us newbies. I would like to put the video that you have now on my web site. Would that be possable? Thanks and have a great day…Keith:)

Love the music, good pick. :sunglasses:

Sure! We’d love it. Just save the target to your desktop and you should have it. You can use any of our stuff. We’re not out here to profit, we’re just having fun. Thanks for asking tho’. For future reference you don’t need to ask me.
And about putting “how-to” stuff in there… I would love to, but what we were hoping to do was more street and urban trials stuff set to music. We will have some shots of just plain riding but most of those will be sped up or will have effects added to them to make them interesting.



Tim…I put a link on my site to Your video…My Site this will be used until I can get on the one here. then it will be Unicycles & Juggling
I will probably get alot of comments about it. :smiley: Thanks… Keith

Pretty cool…I can’t wait for the full video.

Oh, and Zim, you can play these in Linux, using MPlayer…


Another fun uni film. Thanks for posting!


  • (This applies to everybody) It would help a lot of us out there if you posted the FILE SIZE along with your videos. It gives people without broadband an idea what they’re getting into.

  • Like I say to almost every photographer (and now videographer), get closer. Some of the shots are so far away I can’t see what’s happening, like what appears to be a very difficult rail grind but I couldn’t really tell.

  • Watch the backlight. Most of your shots are essentially silhouettes due to the bright sun and having your subjects between it and you. I’m aware that on sunny days you also have to watch out for your own shadow, but you can see how dark some of those shots are. Sometimes overcast days are better for showing what you’re doing.

  • Music: For a hobby project such as this, I think the rider should use music that appeals to them. It’s only if you’re making it for a large audience that you have to consider what will turn people off. And at that point, you have to work out the permissions on your music anyway, especially if you sell it.

  • Riding: I like seeing a combination of Freestyle, MUni, Trials, and whatever, all mixed together. It keeps things interesting, and I think that’s part of what makes Universe so watchable. Plus funny stuff, like that crazy round-and-round closeup at the end, one of the few times I could make out a face. Get some bigger wheels for riding the trails!

I think it’s great how many videos are popping up. I think it was all started by Dan and Adam with Universe, and now it’s spreading across the country and around the world. The way this is growing is very different from the way unicycling expanded before the easy production and distribution of video. Now that people can see it, they are more easily inspired to try it as well. Now we just need more videos that show the other stuff we do, like all the traditional competition events.

response to critisizm

Thanks for the help. It’s kinda nice to see people resoponding so nicly to our work, its really encouraging. There are a few thins that could not be helped, such as the backlight on the triple set ride. That all depends on wat time of day and what avalible angles you have. We did our best. There are some parts where things seem a little farther out then they should be, but most of that is ideas of dipping into our artistic base and trying to let the setting play a small role. thanks