A moment of alarm... :0)

All dressed up and ready to roll, I took the 3 day-old Coker out of the front door, popped the wheel on the ground and started to push it the short distance to the car. Clunk! Wheel won’t rotate. :0( Push it back and forwards experimentally, and it rotates about 0.001 degrees smoothly and stops. :0( Have I dmaged the bearings, nipping up the bearing holders and extra 1/4 turn?

Further examination quickly reveals that the seat had slipped down another half inch and the open end of the seat post had neatly enclosed one of the knobbles on the tyre. The wheel would move just far enough for the knobble to hit the inside edge of the seat tube. :oD

Much relief, and off for about fifteen miles of towpath and road at amazing speed. Cokörhead? It’s a Bomber!

'Ere, I never asked it to put that inappropriate yellow smiley in there. Nor did I notice the typing errors. I’ll be drummed off the list by the spellign police.

I’ve had moments like that too. Its Nice to hear that I’m not the only one.
-David Kaplan