A milestone in my life, and a question.

Today was a great day for me. I never thought I would ever have to say this, but: I, for the first time, was kicked out of somewhere for riding a unicycle. Yes, kicked out.

It all happened today when I was riding around the neighborhood, and I came across empty tennis courts. The nets weren’t even set up yet for the summer, so I figured I’d have a go. The surface is obviously extremely smooth, so I decided to stay for around an hour just “trialing,” in a sense (though I’m not one for trials, I just could never get into them enough to compete). Right when I started trying out some odd mounts I’ve read about, a policeman in uniform pulled over beside the tennis courts and pretty much screamed at me to “evacuate the premises.” I was almost happy because it had never happened before. Odd, really.

The question I have is: has anyone ever been “forced to evacuate any premises?” If so, where?

I was PUSHING my unicycle, not riding but PUSHING it through our local shopping centre (You’d call it a mall) when the securitiy guards threw me out! “WHAT??” I said, “But I’m not even riding it!” “Just go along please.” Was what I got in return.

Grrrr :wink:

Anyone with a passing knowledge of Freud would conclude that these obnoxious guardians of the law would benefit from responding to some of the spam I receive, promising me an extra 1 - 3 inches.

I was riding through the bus interchange when I encountered a security guard who, with a weary expression, politely asked me to dismount and push the uni.
I also took a ride into sheffield town center and was about the head into the big new-ish public city center water fountain feature, but was told by a guard that cyclists weren’t permitted.
Apart from that I’ve not had any problems.

I’ve been kicked out of Aina Haina Elementary School, Nui Valley Middle School, and Waikiki. I’m running out of places to ride. :wink:


I was asked (twice) not to ride in the parking lot where I work. The second time was at the far end of a totally empty dead-end section of the parking lot with only one way in. It was essentially a parking-lot peninsula. Completely safe from cars.

They were “obviously” concerned about “my” safety. Unicycling is apparently quite dangerous. After all, it only has one wheel. But they did offer a helpful suggestion – I could ride it in the street! (this was back when I was still learning – on a 20" – the street was not a place I wanted to be…)

I’ve reluctantly complied, for the most part, with their request. It is their property, after all. And now I finally do ride in the street – to New Jersey’s favorite uni destination… Dunkin’ Donuts!

Dave (uni57)

When working as a messenger delivering photos from the Associated Press to the New York Daily News and New York Times, I was refused entry to the former with my unicycle, but allowed to pedal through the newsroom of the latter.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Let’s not forget the Makaha Shores car park. The sweins! :wink:


Dang, almost forgot about that one. Thanks Jason.


Hi folks. I’m a new member here. This thread reminded me of an incident in 1980. I was attempting to board the city bus with my 20" uni to get up to the university here in Bellingham. The driver said that “bicycles” were NOT allowed on the bus (this was way before racks were installed on the busses). I explained that it was NOT a bicycle and that I would be late for class. No dice, tho.

The ride up was a long and sweaty one! (not too late, tho)

Situations like that call for bringing a large duffel bag with you. When it’s time to take your unicycle on a bus or carry it through a mall just stuff the uni in the duffel bag. When the unicycle is in the bag it’s no longer obvious that it’s a unicycle.

I know this thread is old, but I just have to reply.
Stuffing the uni in the bag should be done so that the driver, who told you no bkes allowed, can see you putting the uni in the bag. Even though, I’ve never had any problems getting in to bus with a unicycle. I’m just waiting it to happen. Maybe I should get a big bag for my unicycle.
An other good way is to ask if the driver can drive a b
ke. If he replies yes ask him to prove it with your so called b*ke. If he cannot ride ask to get in to the bus. If he can, ask him to come riding with you sometime.

When I lived in London I always carried a bin liner stuffed under the saddle. If I got on a bus I could stuff the uni in it. Never had any trouble with bus drivers. In fact, I’ve never had any trouble while riding or pushing my uni. Maybe I should get out more

i’ve been told by a cop to stop riding on the sidewalk. i was riding home from a b*ke shop and the dude stopped in the street, ~4pm, and told me to go play in a parking lot

I and two friends brought our unicycles to the observation deck of the World Trade Center in New York and rode around up there in 1986. We fully expected to be scolded or kicked out, but nobody seemed to mind. I’m sure it helped that it was a week day, and at or after sunset. We rode in a small area with no people in it. I will treasure the pictures we took up there.

I have been kicked out of many stores, malls, and other things. Bradley Bradley and I used to be tolerated in some stores once they got to know who we were, and we always carried the unis with the wheels off the ground.

I should try bringing my Coker Mini Monster on that bus in Bellingham…

Me want a Mini-Monster!!

I was forced to leave, of all palces, a hospital parking lot. I told them that I had medical insurance, but still the answer was no. They said that they had signs up and I should have seen them, but really… there were no signs there. So now I still ride there, but only after dark.


I’ve been kicked out of everwhere. The college about 100 times. severel resteraunts houses, 7-11 and a good amonut of the stuff round here. security guards suck.

Yah, I’ve been kicked out of universites a couple of times. Security guards do suck.

I know the “there just doing their job” stuff, but i have had bad experiences with security guards followng me around etc.

I was idling in front of a restaurant one time, and a waiter came out and yelled at me.

I know in a lot of places, bicycle laws do not apply to unicycles, because they are not chain driven (Giraffes, sadly, are effected by the laws.). I’ve been lucky. Any sort of law and/or rule enforcers have typically been disoriented by the sight.

How do you get through airports? How do you get your munis from, say, New England to the California Muni Weekend?
I’ve always kind of wondered about that…