A Mammoth ride

:slight_smile: Not that kind of mammoth ride:)

Snowmass, located about an hours coker ride from Aspen, is one of the four ski areas in the Aspen area. Two weeks ago, a major archeological find was uncovered. Columbian Mammoths and Mastadon bones, non-fossilized, were spotted in a resevoir dig. True, they are considered fossils because of age, anything over 10,000 years old is called a fossil. But they have been preserved in a peat layer that has kept them mostly intact and still bones.
The town of Snowmass Village is displaying them for a short period, so I hopped on the 36er and went for a spin to check them out. WOW
To stand next to bones of pre-historic animals that were roaming in my backyard 12,000 - 16,000 years ago was mind blowing. This site is very unusual, Mammoth bones which have been found in Colorado before, have never been found at this high of an elevation, 8,960’ - 2731 meters. The scientists from the Denver Museaum of Nature and Science, have hypotheisized that the area was a glaciel lake that attracted wildlife from the end of last ice age. It would have been a watering hole for mammoths and mastedons and other animals, some of which must have died there. The Museaum has made an agreement with the town to take over, and eventually make a plaster casting of a Mammoth for the town. They will perform radio carbon dating of the peat and bones.
I was in awe as I studied each bone, asking the attendants questions at the same time. My favorite bones were the Mammoths tooth, femur-knee combo, and the Tusks. Absolutely incredible to see, and I got a nice ride at the same time. Get out and ride.

aspenmike with mammoth and mastadon bones
bones with pic of mammoth

some scenery shots from ride to Snowmass