A mainstream movie, starring Paco

I have now officially used up approximately 3 seconds of my 10 minutes of fame.

There’s this new movie that just came out on DVD yesterday called, “Everything You Want.” It’s a decent romantic comedy, made for TV quality, but that’s okay by me. But what makes it especially good is that there is a unicyclist in it for about 3 seconds! And it’s me!

Okay, so I’m only on my unicycle in two scenes (the other time, I’m walking across the screen in the background. Twice.) But in one of the ending scenes, one of the main characters runs down some steps and has to stop quickly to avoid getting hit by me as I ride by.

I admit, this film is not a cinematic masterpiece, but it’s better than a lot of made-for TV movies. The story is fun and original and it’s mostly harmless. But that’s not the reason for watching it.

I suggest that you all run out to your local Wal-Mart (at least, that’s where I found my copy). And if you ask me real nicely, I may even consider autographing your copies of the film, seeing as I’m a big movie star now and everything. :smiley:

cap006.bmp (900 KB)

Here’s a better picture from the same scene. And you may have to look very carefully in the other scenes to find me.

cap004.bmp (900 KB)

That’s awesome! Props to you. Is that suppose to be on a college campus?

I don’t see “Special Cameo Appearance by Paco” in the credits… :angry:

Should you be embarrassed to appear in a movie with a pink title? No! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice going! Was there a lot of standing around?

Congratulations on your (and the unicycle’s) screen time!

Now I know you were following a script/direction, but…

The guy coming down the stairs is obviously looking to his left so he doesn’t see you coming (or expect something fast, I guess can be reasonably supposed). So what’s your excuse? In other words, your character seems to ride straight down the sidewalk, not paying attention to cross traffic. It probably happens so fast nobody really cares, but I’m just thinking about the image of us unicyclists as portrayed by “the media.”

Yeah, let’s see more unicycles in mainstream films!

that movie was actually on the ABC Family channel.
i will admit i ended up watching some of it, but unfortunatly, i did not see you in it! :frowning:

i will be sure to keep a lookout for it and watch it if it ever plays again

congrats on the screen time!