A love of unicycles, or unicycling?

:stuck_out_tongue: i have been told i love my unicycle, sounds like some of u guys have to…
but what i reckon, unless one of u horny bastards gets off on ur KH 24’ or whatever, u need a psychiatrist,
but i only love unicycling, i couldn’t really care less about the uni, as long as it is in a good condition, and works fine t o what it is meant to do,
is this the same with all u, u prefer riding, or would u be just as happy ogling at ur uni all day?

nah i love my uni its name is trilby and its my lx im getting a dx for my bday its going 2 be named nessie (after my favorite lake monster)

but i have a love for both unicycling and the unicycle it self i mean when i get nessie then trilby will be lended 2 all my friends so they can learn so they can form a love for unicycling but then they will get there own uni.

my unicycle is like the imaganary friend that every one can see.

this guy loved his nimbus Sad death of my trusty Nimbus :(
and i havnt had a unicycle die on my but if it did i dunno i think my reaction would be similar 2 his

They say that that energy can be neither created from nothing nor destroyed onto nothing therefore my idle unicycle is just unicycling waiting to happen.

I love unicycling, but i also love my unicycle. My girlfriend doesn’t like it because she says i spend more time riding it than she does me! Im going to teach her to ride, then she will see what shes been missing!

Ah I have to admit, the sport is only half the fun for me. The other half of it is the GEAR!!! My name is Erin and I am a gearhead! I love gear. I love to research it, get it, look at it and even, eventually, sell it to someone else who loves gear!!! LOL

I like my equipment to look good and run well. For me that’s half of the fun of doing the sport in the first place.

I love my uni, it is with me for 80% of any given day, it goes everywhere with me. I haven’t named it, but I don’t know if I should. What would the point be. I rarely talk to it. I do love it though, but I wouldn’t if it wasn’t able to do what it does for me. Allow me to ride.

My unicycle never gets mad at me.
My unicycle doesn’t argue with me.
My unicycle doesn’t get upset if I don’t spend enough time with it.
My unicycle doesn’t break down or wear out unless I do ride it.
My unicycle doesn’t get sick or die of old age.
My unicycle never gets PMS.

My unicycle is not a dog; it doesn’t love me back. But that’s okay.

I love my unicylces, I love my computers, I recently got a mobile phone that I love too. I love gear. I love ordering it and I love when it comes through the post.

I also love unicycling.
I like thinking about what the weather is like as to which unicycle I ride where.
I like thinking about it when I haven’t got anything else to think about.

I also quite like meeting other unicylists and playing hockey with them. Or just meeting them.


I started out with a Torker LX. Decent uni and I was happy with it.

Late last year I got a LiveWire custom 29er. It’s gorgeous and perfect and everything is solid and true. I didn’t realize how much until I got the Torker out the other day. Compared to the 29er, it feels like it’s all crooked and about to break under me.

yeah i love both unicycling and my uni, but i wasnt much of a fan of my old generic first 20" uni, because it was sick and bent, and was about to just collapse into dust…

but my kh is great and will never break down into dust (touch wood)

i loovveee to order things online and have them come in the post/courier, its a wierd thing but it just gives me a sense of great joy to see unicycle gear sent to me :stuck_out_tongue: hehe

I love building unis up and such, but it’s only because I love riding that I do it.

I respect my KH so much though, it’s awesome. It’s taken so much abuse and it still works perfectly…

It’s gotta be both.

If I don’t ride, I get really depressed. So I end up riding 12-15 hours a week, and love it! I’ve heard of too many bike shop owners or mechanics that have no time to ride, and I’m programming lots of riding into my business.

On the other hand, I love working on these beautiful unicycles… they really give me a deep down feeling of satisfaction. Seeing them go all over the world, whether a 36" complete unicycle heading to Laos, or a Large Marge wheel dropping through rocks in Southern California, or a freestyle 20" spinning the streets of New York City, is a real kick.

It’s also the unicyclists – a great bunch of people from all professions and religions (or lack thereof). I’m glad to meet you all!


I love my unicycles, but don’t tell them this…you’re unicycle is totally hot. Having said that, I hope it’s a girl.

oh yeah it must be female, and I would ride the bajesus out of her.

Thank you! :slight_smile: That’s a LWU 36" that went out to a customer, who is training for a long-distance charity ride. I raise them, with the help of others, then they go out and make other people happy. proud

To Paraphrase Maj. Gen. WH. Ruperetus USMC …

This is my unicycle.
There are many like it but this one is mine.
My unicycle is my best friend.
It is my life.
I must master it as I must master my life.
Without me, my unicycle is useless.
Without my unicycle I am useless.
I must ride my unicycle true.
I will.
Before Kris Holm I swear this creed:
my unicycle and myself are defenders of my sense of fun,
we are the masters of boredom,
we are the saviors of my life.
So be it, until there is no UPD,
just balance.

I’m not emotionally attached to my unicycles at all - I have pretty much no time or effort invested in them, they’re easily replaceable (UDC learner 20" and Nimbus II 26" muni), just tools. They’re not worth any more to me than the money I spent on them.

The same goes for my mountain bike, computer, lawnmower etc…

My custom-framed road bike, I’m ashamed to say, is another matter :o
And my cars…


But they are pretty kewl cars, so it makes sense.

I’m not emotionally attached to my unicycle. Not really. I didn’t cry over it when I busted the rim, but it’s my vehicle into the world of unicycling. And I love that world. Can’t love the world but not love the vehicle that brings you there. So, basically, I love it’s use, and therefor it. Get it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :slight_smile: