A long break

I took a break from riding unicycles… more like quit 2 years ago but i decided that it was time to ride again. I am sure glad I did to because I have gotten better oddly enough :thinking: .

Heres my vid, i can only do crankflips for a trick so i tried them on basically everything. Still cant get them on sets bigger than 4 tho

That’s some really good riding for a rider that stoped for 2 years IMO!:smiley: Your better than me at flipping that’s for sure!

Ive always road a lil bit but only in the driveway and i would just go in circles:D
and about that flipping… haha a lot of pain went into doing that. A sprained wrist and a cut heel, still hasnt heeled completely and its almost been 3 weeks!

Also another thing i was wondering about the new kris holm seats. Are they better than the old ones because it says that they are reinforced correct? I dont want to get a carbon fiber seat because i would have to get a cf handle and my friend has broken those really fast. He got a metal handle and that he has seemed to stop breaking seats. But the handle is really weird and i dont like it to much (Im so picky haha).


You dont need a CF handle with the CF seatbase, only the Scott Wallis does I think, if you look on UDC you can buy a base and you just put the handle and bumper you have on your seat now! But the KH seats are now reinforced, and they are a little different than they were 2 years ago. I ride the old style seat with a CF though, I cant say alot about the new ones!:slight_smile:
Happy unicycling!:stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome vid man! so good to see your riding again.

Oh and you don’t have to get a cf handle if you get a cf base. I have a cf base and i ride a plastic handle, which is what a lot of riders do now haha.

You guys dont break the handles off to much then? Ive seen ppl snap those off before with a cf base :astonished:

Awesome that you’re back, the video was good too.

Are Jordan or Brent riding at all?

My brother turned into a poser ganster and lives with all his stoner friends sadly:(. Brent still rides but he works a lot now so we dont get to ride together to often.

Thanks though, youve gotten pretty crazy with the flatland dude. I could never do stuff that you do haha

That vid was just so awesome! i love your flipstyle up things, and you do rolling hops pretty high! Keep it up and PLEASE put out more vids :smiley:

I quess there is more people then just me that want to see more from you! :wink:

Good vid! :smiley: