A little winter ride

A little ride in the woods outside Oslo yesterday. KH 29 with Scwalbe Ice Spiker Pro. -6 C

Schwalbe should add this clip on their site as a demovideo for the ice-spiker-pro. :wink:

I miss snow! It should be here for Christmas…
nice places to ride :slight_smile:

Are you riding in the skiing slopes? How popular is that in Oslo. I know it is not very popular here in Trondheim?

I most certainly don’t ride in the more popular ski tracks, but this one is also used a lot by hikers and some bicyclists. Maybe I’ll have to stop when the conditions for skiing gets better. Today all the snow is sadly melting away. In the skiing areas around Oslo there is an ongoing feud between skiiers, hikers and dogs. I believe as a unicyclist I will be outnumbered, so I will try not to piss any skiers off. Besides, I am a skier myself so I can see it from their point of view.

Wow Super ride:) great Thanks For sharing this video

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In winter, its very hard and it needs a huge roar from heart that have to go out side for a ride. I think its simply beautiful to go out side and invest spare time on a ride.

I enjoyed the video! The hill climb was cool to see. Especially coming from an area were I don’t see snow.

Cool Video UniMyra :slight_smile: