A little trials viddy for you

Zack and I went riding all around last evening/night. We filmmed some, and I put together some shots into a nice little movie I like to call:

Saturday Night Trials!

It’s only 3.5 megabytes, 2 minutes long, and in the WMV codec.

It’s not the best footage, my low light mode on my camera really sucks. It’s known for being horrible in bad light.

Here’s the link:


I thought it was a sweet movie, i didnt mind the lighting, the riding made up for that:) you had some awsome lines, my favorite though was zack’s post gaps, the posts seemed pretty wide in diameter but there were nice sized gaps.

keep up the good work.


you guys are really good, i somehoe looks like you guys just float up to objects without trying.

Nice soundtrack and good editing and riding. The nutbuster at the end made me hurt just watching it.

Beautiful ending. Nothing funnier than crotch humor.

Really great! Okay, now how many “OOOOFs!” did you have that night? I was psyched to try something daring until that moment. :slight_smile:

very cool i liked it alot! if i could only do that stuff too :frowning: do you have a pink trials unicycle?!

Obvously,because we saw it in the video.

okay,i just wacthedthe whole thing, it took like an hour to download.It was worth it though.

didnt know they make pink unicycles! (they being the unicycle people)

I forgot to mention the music is by the Violent Femmes. The song is “Gone Daddy Gone,” and I only played the 2nd half of the song.

Glad y’all like the vid.

How man OOOFs did we have? umm, we didn’t count, but it’s just like the usual number of hard spills you get…

Yes, my trials is pink… Darren Bedford is the man…



those post gaps were crazy!! omg omg i gotta watch that 20 more times


Wow! Brilliant riding.


Nice Stuff! That pole gapping is nothing short of amazing.
And the end…well what can you say about the end?

Sweeeet! Keep’em coming!

That was some impressive riding right there … the pedal grap to the post was something I’m scared to even attempt, not to mention my absolute terror at the thought of your pole gapping.

Pretty amazing if you ask me.

that was really great. As far as I can see, those posts were amazing!

I’m gonna go ride now.