A little problem with my Torker DX hub

I’ve had my 2006 Torker DX24 for probably 6 months or more now. From pretty early on I’d notice a little ‘thunk’ when I’d mount it or sometimes when hopping. I thought for sure it was a loose crank arm on the splined hub. I could even feel the crank arm shift a little bit. Several times I’ve indexed the cranks around the spline with no change and I didn’t notice any wear pattern starting to emerge on the splines. Well, it’s slowly gotten more noticable to the point where I can now grab the wheel and grab either crank by hand and get it to move back and forth. Clunk, clunk, clunk. I took the wheel out of the frame and can still get clunk, clunk, clunk. I could feel it but not really see where the movement was occurring. I removed one crank and the bearing and could still reproduce the clunk, clunk but couldn’t see it. I finally had to put on a magnifying lens and look VERY closely. It appears that the splined shaft is pressed into the hub and that’s whats moving. Just a little bit but it’s sure annoying. The movement probably isn’t more than a quarter of an inch or so out at the pedal and where the shaft goes into the hub it’s maybe just a few thousandths of an inch. Not much but sure noticable.

Should I:

  1. Just get over it.
  2. Contact Torker and see if they’ll replace it.
  3. Try and squeeze some JB weld or other epoxy in there.

Any other suggestions?

That’s a major bummer. If I were you I would definately contact Torker to see what they’ll do about the situation. It can’t hurt to try.