a little problem: removing griptape, how?

yeah, I put griptape on my KH/Onza cranks. Now I want to take it off. What should I do? Goof off didn’t work. any thoughts?

Hair Dryer… and finger nails.

If the glue won’t come off… good luck. I use “Goo Gone”

Peel the tape back a little and spray WD40 or lighter fluid under it to help disolve the adhesive. Both of these chemicals have an oil base and won’t damage the painted surface.

k, thanks

Woot! cranks successfully degriptaped!

I put my hairdryer on hot/high, and had it heat up each crank for about 10 minutes until the entire crank was very hot to the touch. then I simply peeled off the griptape! yay!

Cool, that’s good tp hear. I put griptape on my trial’s cranks, and although they don’t seem to help that much they don’t bother me either, so…

there great for seatwraps ect, put for rolling unispins if you don’t land right and hit the cranks a bit you can’t fudge the landing and slip to the pedals.

Glad I could help.

You must have some super grip tape or something…I have griptape on my cranks and it just helps me not accidentally slide off, I land on the cranks and fudge my landings all the time.

Yeah me too, with mine I can still slide my feet right from the cranks to the pedals and ride away all in one move…

thats what happens with shortys black magic griptape. the gripiest ever. I love it for skateboards, but AI didn’t keep in mind that for unicycling you want to have a little bit of sliding ability.

Huh, I have black magic gripetape!

is your really dirty?

maybe I jsut have really grippy shoes?

You should be able to move your feet with any grip tape. When you skateboard you are still easily able to slide your foot off the board to make it flip, it doesn’t stick to you.

my griptape on my board is all dirty and old though, thus not very grippy.

the griptape on myc ranks didn’t ever get very dirty or anything, and wasn’t super heavily used, so maybe thats why.