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Don’t ever do tricks with an aluminum crank shaft on a bike…I have a racing mini that someone gave to me and i was just out bunnyhopping and i heard a crack and lost control and i looked down and i snapped the crankshaft totally off…lol:D
Anyways to make it have something to do with UNi’s DONT EVER GET AN ALUMINUM AXLE!

Axle material

I have never heard of anyone using Aluminium for an axle. Profiles have an aluminium surrounding on their hub, but they have a steel or titanium axle inside. The axle must be the part of a unicycle which gets the most stress when you land a drop, because your weight is transferred into the ends of the axle via the cranks (which act as levers). I think it is best to avoid mild steel axles that are cheap, unless you plan to only ride like an old woman who only goes out to get the shopping on sundays. Many people probably get away with (and enjoy) riding cheap unicycles without any axle problems, but once the damage is done it is too late. When you bend the axle and/or cranks it is never the same to ride and it feels like you are out of sync. What does breaking an Aluminium crank have to do with Aluminium axles ?

Nothing I meant Aluminum is way too weak of a metal so don’t buy a Uni that’s got a lot of aluminum on it. and i also included that last part to make it have something to do with Uni’s:)

My Wilder 6160 frame is all Aluminium. I love it. I can’t see myself bending it in a hurry. As far as I know the Sun Doublewide rim is aluminium, and it is the strongest rim I have heard of. It is three layers of aluminium bent into some sort of tough structure. Aluminium cranks might be good to avoid if you are rough with a unicycle because they are subject to a lot of forces. Mild steel cranks will bend too. If you have weak cranks, be gentle with them. If you have Profiles or other sturdy splined cranks then you can be pretty rough on them without fear of damage. If you ever manage to bust a Profile crank or axle they will replace it due to the lifetime garauntee.

Ya I’m pretty rough on My Uni, I do 180’s, jump, bounce Etc…
Thats why i ordered a Summit 20-inch Trials.

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i dont know how old you are but in your profile it says your a high school student,which makes you way to old for a bmx mini.

bmx mini’s are made for kids usally nine and younger,they are totally light weight machienes meant for about a 40 to 60 pound rider…not a bunny hopping teenager…so of couse it broke.

Ya i know but when i broke it i was like 85 LBS.

that just adds to my point…there for little kids to ride around a bmx track.

they also have 20x1 and 1/8th rims meant for hi pressure 20x1 inch tyres,and most of the hi-end mini tyres are sew-ups (glue on tyres) for ultra lightness

i have one for my kids,its so small and light,its like the model airplane of bmx bykes.

Yeh i know but a guy i know bought it gave it to another guy i know who drilled holes in the fork to try and make a kids bike trailer with it…when that didn’t work he gave it to my friends who gave it to me…all i did was replace the headset…anyways i got my use out of it when i was younger. Now maybe I’ll sell it off and let someone else fix it. (I’m not trying to excuse myself here, it was my fault, my dad told me quite a few times it couldn’t handle that kind of force…well he was right…as usual:) )

Try to use subect lines that reflect the actual topic, whether or not your on-topic :slight_smile: For example, “Broken aluminum axle” or “Beware of aluminum axles.”

I’m not aware of any aluminum or non-steel axles for unicycles, but they may be out there.