A little NAUCC music

Hi folks.

Is anyone bringing a musical instrument to the convention? I’m still a not-ready-for-prime-time player, but I’m bringing my banjo anyway. If any of you play guitar and care to do some pickin’ & grinnin’, stop by our booth.

I’m often asked if I play the banjo while riding the unicycle. I always answer no, that I value my instrument too much. However, if another player and I can polish a song or two, it would be fun to ride and play in the parade. I got to ride alongside Kris Holm playing solo violin at the 1999 convention in North Bend. He was quite good.

We’re bringing about 50 unicycles, including 10 Summit trials cycles. Let us know if you want one. Also, we’re having a monocycle (the kind you ride from the center of the wheel) contest. The first person who is able to ride the 6.5-foot-high monster 200 feet or more, without touching the ground, will win a Camelbak.

Happy trails…see y’all in Minneapolis!

John @ Unicycle.com

Are you bringing any of the black Yuni 29er unicycles? I’m not sure if I’m ready to purchase one, but I’d like to see it. And if I decide I want it, it would be nice to save on the shipping. But you don’t need to bring one just for me since I’m not certain that I would buy it.