A little more Coker pics.

Here are some pics i shot today.(sorry if this is a pointless thred)


no is not now i have something new to try


coker grabs 005.jpg

My friend insists that i put this in…

coker grabs 006.jpg

Re: A little more Coker pics.

apology accepted

Hey Evan you look just like Catboy.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
No really.

well Evan if you want to see some Coker tricks goto
at the bottom of the page see the photos of Yikki
who wanted to meet a Coker .
So I came with Mirza my Coker and in minutes the result was not bad!

(photos courtesy of Mark Z.)

I’m not sure that others than French will understand the joke.
So your Coker’s name is really Mirza ??

I think I’ve never had the occasion to meet it. I’ll probably come back to Paris at the end of next week. We should remedy that.


well ann’so: another uni of mine is named Zebulon and the private joke is even much more private.:slight_smile:

No Resemplance there buddy…


I beg to differ.
Just different facial expressions.

Im more sexy!:smiley:

lol, not that I would know or anything (I’m not a homo), but I think catboy is hotter. But yea, I definitely see a resemblance. Maybe evan is catboy!!! What is the world coming to!!! :astonished:


evan: those are some neat pics! but, i always reccomend wearing a helmet. it always freaks me out when i see someone without one.


Well today i took an incrdibly hard fall on my leg, it hurt really bad at first but that went away, now i only have a sprained ankle, but i have learned m lesson, i wont be unicycling for 3 more months.

well… I know what you coming to


Whoah… when i first heard whoever say Evan and Catboy looked alike i thought no they dont, but alas i saw the side to side and they accually kinda do, same nose i think. SEE! Catboy you and Evan something in comman after all…


same semi-freckely tan complection, too.