A little help perhaps

Hey hey everyone…

So here’s my situation… I met a girl (isn’t it always about a girl?), but this story is more about a girl who managed to fall in love with Unicycling… but who can really blame her? I spent my summer away from Toronto, where I am now, and back home where I got some good Muni riding in (Some pics: http://tinyurl.com/6pwq7 ). The last few weeks of my summer a girl I worked with decided that watching me ride my unicycle wasn’t fun enough anymore, and she wanted to try for herself. Well… she had been bitten by the unicycle bug, in fact there wasn’t much I could do to get it away from her after that!

Now I’m back in Toronto, and she’s out east in New Brunswick, and all she wants to get her hands on these days is a Unicycle! It is my hope that someone out there has an old Muni lying around that they are willing to part with… she’d like a Muni because she’s bound and determined to ride througout the winter in New Brunswick, and after I showed her George Peck on Universe 2 there is no convincing her that she’ll do otherwise! Finances are where things get in the way… as most people know after being a starving student for awhile, and she’s not sure she can afford much more than $150. So if anyone has an old Muni they are willing to part with, as long as it’s rideable, or any other suggestions as to what she can get her hands on that would be great. If you could drop me an email (cckilian@cmcc.ca), or post here if you could help me out that would be awesome. Thanks so much!


If you didn’t know about unicycle.com you should probably go there. Or maybe you’ve been there and haven’t found one in your price range, although I would think a decent one could be gotten for that much.


I do know about Unicycle.com, however the problem is I’m in Canada. So not only will she have to deal with the exchange rate, but also the customs… making things alot more expensive. Thanks though…

I was talking to Darren of Bedford Unicycles (in Toronto) about getting a cheap trials for one of my poor friends. Darren says that he has basic trials unis starting at $250, if i remember correctly. Perhaps your friend can save the extra hundred bucks and get one from him. I’d contact Darren if i were you. He’s always very helpful.

Re: A little help perhaps

In Canada, Darren Bedford is the way to go. Talk to him, he might be able to help you out.

cool, my dad went there