A little help here?

Well, I’m new to all this unicycling stuff. I mean, I’m not new to riding, but I am new to the “power of a unicycle”! Well, anyways, I’m not sure exactly what gear is recommended to “unleash all that power”…so can anyone list a few, please? Stuff such as helmet, square unicycle frame, and all that stuff…so…yeah, well, recommend stuff…

its all up to you and your style of riding. you won’t know what to protect until your hurt it.

so ride hard until you hurt something :wink:

…then get some gear

shinguards and helmet are probably the best to have, even though there was a thread a while ago that discussed how nobody seems to hit their face/head while unicycling (unless maybe while muni’ing)

Wow. That was some weird advice. Weird but helpful! Thanks! I get bruises on my shins pretty often…I owe you one!

Yeah, I use 661 ankle biters and knee\shin guards.

You should wesar a helmet, just in case, as should I, but I dont.

Umm, also, get a flat frame, or a ‘square’ one as you put it. They make one foot riding, and lots of tricks where you need your foot on the frame way easier. Some people find them to get in the way, but I have never hit my legs or knees on them, so they are good.

As for unleashing the power, it depends what type of power you want to unleash. If you want to go with trials\street\slow muni, get a trials uni.

If you want some street\light trials, and lots of freestyle, get a 20 inch.

If you want muni\light trials\lightstreet, get a 24inch Muni.

If you want light distance\XC, or some muni, thats not too technical, get a 26 inch.

If you want more distance and XC, and bearly much hard muni, get a 29er.

If you want pure distance and speed, get a coker.

Cool! Now I don’t know which one’s better to go into…muni or trials…that’s totally up to me…I think a 26 is good! Thank goodness I have a skateboarding helmet…I think it’s close enough, I mean I’ll probably never hit my head, but seeing the stupidities I like to try…

I think I’ll go with the 24…it’s not too late now, and I can’t edit my posts…By the way, where can I find more affordable ankle protection? I find the ones at UDC expensive. I don’t know if it’s just me, but most of them are too expensive.

You can probably go your doctors and get the aircast for your ankle for a cheap price. Then modify it to be an ankle guard, but I wouldnt wear it all the time, caus if you brace your ankle for too long, it restricts movement, which can make your ankle weak, when can lead to an easy break.

661 makes an ankle biter, with molded platstic cups and they are really comfy, and can be worn everyday at all times, like I do with mine. I think they are only about 25 dollars.

There is a 661 link in my sig you can easily use to get to the site.

Cool, thanks!

Another good idea would be if you are freemounting for the 1st time. I’d buy 1 of those football groind cups. It was very useful for me. B4 it was hurting to the point where i would borrow my friends ski poles and use them to get on my uni hahaha :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

bah nah for that you just got to get used to the pain… get balls of steel :smiley:

When i was first riding it. I did, that was before the friendly soccer incident when the ball hit my groind. So that’s why i was wearing a football/soccer groind cup. But now i don’t need it.