A little break from unicycling...

a good thing to practice when not unicycling…


Nice! That would be fun to do.

wow i wish i could do that! but i have puny little arms lol.
nice job!

Excellent strength and skill. Keep up the good work.

looks really difficult :astonished:

That is really cool!! I have puny arms too lol.

wow looks very good

wow, I can not even on the ground:D:D:D

thanks a lot!! it really helps motivation wise… its been about three months of hard training and frustration…hehehe but its coming…
next step = go up from the rope and come back down to the rope…

wish me luck!!


wow that´s just awseome :astonished: :astonished:
i wish i could do that…:stuck_out_tongue:

i wish i could do that type of thing im not very flexy and im puni lol

i mean that i need to go up to the handstand and come down back on the rope (not start from the box).
but i need to get operated, so… no more for a couple months…:(:frowning:

was the guy from china? i’ve seen it a couple of times, but only chinese people doing it…
i tried it but its quite hard…jejeje maybe next year…