a lil video

ok no need to laugh know this a lil vid. i like to uni and i like to vid so this is what we made. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tbTSWGTEWE
no need to laugh lol. all made and filmed in one day :sunglasses:

cya hope u might like it. also containing my biggest drop ever. only rode less than 2 months:p

that was fun to watch you get jumped over by skaters. That was a nice drop on the 4 step. You look like you’re having a really good time and for two months you’re an excellent rider.

camera was so shaky

That was my mate being jumped lol.i dont no those kids, there his mates so he could trust them:D That was my 1st attept at doing the 4 steps and from then on i just kept doing them. I enjoyed that day sooo much:D

And ta, i luv uni and i wanna do it all the time:p

and thats my dads old cam,3.2 pixels and really crap: :roll_eyes: