a level 3 question

Ok, I was looking over the level skills, and noticed this particular one in the level 3 skills:

“Ride over a 10 X 10 cm obstacle”

Then, clicking on a link to see hints for level testing, i saw this in regards to the above skill:

“Make sure you can ride over the block without having to line up the wheel and rolling it away from the block before mounting. See the skill file for more information”

I was unable to find any info in regards to this skill in the IUF rule book. Not sure what it means…

Nevermind, I just read it and it says you can’t line up the block to the wheel before mounting. Sometimes, I just need to lay off the Sunny D. :roll_eyes:



the better question is… who cares about the stypid unicycle levels?


mostly people who don’t have the initiative to continue working on new unicycling skills without such progressing challenges…

sorry about bumping this pointless thread, ill just let it die now…

No, please repeat what you were trying to communicate (but I think I don’t interpret correct).
My native language ain’t english, so this is a serious question:
Can you repeat what you said, but like if you would talk to a kid, or extend it with some explenation?