A Kris for Kristmas

I’m probally getting a 360 radial 36er and the bc wheel on udc. Those will be a challenge to ride.

I’m hoping to get a giraffe uni of some sort. But I doubt it will happen. My parents are all for me unicycling, they just don’t want to order Christmas stuff online.
I asked for juggling balls and some electronics, so I think I’m in the green for those.

im getting a nimbus isis 19" trials unicycle. I cant wait, even though i had to pay for most of it myself lol. My parents fully support me in unicycling but they were shocked that i wanted a £168 unicycle, thats why i paid for £120 of it myself hahaha.

im hopefully getting a nimbus isis trails but my parents dont understand
why i want to upgrade from my learner uni that cost £30 i then showed
them the Schlumpf Geared Uni :astonished: :slight_smile:

I’ve already got my three wheel giraffe…

It’s amazing how much business UDC must be getting this christmas. But good for them eh!

All you Brit guys should ask for them early and come tomorrow!
:wink: :smiley:


haha i would but i cant make it tomorrow because of strict parents and what not:p shame though because it looks like alot of fun.

i wouldnt be aloud it early my parents are to traditional :o
but i might come to another if somebody organises something after christmass and ill ask some of my friends if they want to come
although theyre still learning.:slight_smile:

[Threadjack] Hey, where in england are you? [/Threadjack]

How do you guys know what Santa is getting you?

I am santa :stuck_out_tongue: , that’s how!

east yorkshire
(voted worst city in the uk in 2006) :angry:

I know a guy who knows a guy who know how to get information:p

I got a Kris for Kristmas 20 KH/onza trials

i got KH leg armor, and a nimbus 5-7 ’ convertible giraffe

i dont know. we havent opened presents yet.:frowning:

I got a Nimbus 36er SE plus T7 and LBS brake and water bottle cages (2)

We have to wait to open presents cause my dad got called out to work. I know that I am getting KH gloves and KH leg armor cause I ordered them:p

hahaha, i got a spoke key, does that count:D

…but seriously i tightend my spokes and my wheel actually feels better, no more creaking and it feels a little bit stiffer…

i got two lunas for christmas. and an ipod.