A huge slap in the face

I am writing this in the midst of feeling incredibly pissed and indignant. You see, I’m from Singapore. We’ve just celebrated winning the rights to host the Youth Olympics in 2 years time.

I sent in an application to the Singapore Sports Council for a grant to take part in Ride the Lobster a month back. Today I received a rejection call from the Extreme and Adventure Sports division.

The lady called but didn’t manage to reach me the first time round so she sent an email. Very kind of her. A sentence stood out -

"We have received your application. however,my department is handling
adventure and extreme sports projects. "

I called her back and asked what the reason for rejection was. She said that “single-wheeled bicycling” is not in the realm of extreme or adventure sport. I asked what would be one and was told that “adventure racing or sports like rock climbing” would fall in the categories. I nicely told her that unicycling has always been portrayed in the media as an extreme sport and we’ve received quite a lot of coverage for that. Also, an 800km ride is pretty adventurous in my opinion.

She told me rather sarcastically to provide references to such media publications to which I said that I have and they are all in the appendix section of the proposal I sent her.

And her reply was a winner - “Oh, I’ve already passed that to my colleague at bla bla bla and I can’t look at it.” Then she cut me off and told me that her colleague at some Youth organization would get back to me in a week or two and I was free to call her up again if that doesn’t happen.

I have spoken to the people at that particular organization before and was told that they can’t approve a grant for us because we’re not a registered organization - that’s a good reason to give.

I guess you can’t expect everyone to take unicycling seriously, but that still sucks.

Can you re-apply or are there any other organizations that would give out a similar kind of grant?

Actually that’s often the case in countries that have such grant monies to give. Of course, instead of saying a bunch of lame stuff to you in the first place they might come out and say that first. Could it spark the beginnings of a national unicycling organization for Singapore? :slight_smile:

Anyway, sucks not to be able to get the grant. Now you’ll have to do what most of the rest of the participants will be doing – paying their own way there. Of course the option of getting there by car is way out of the question… :frowning:

grrrr… I really hate people like that. :angry:

Whilst trying to find out the sports equipment limitations for Singapore Air I found this link:


Might be worth a try?

Keg: Thanks a great deal on that link - we were going to try asking for a sponsorship from them but I didn’t know that they had this scheme going.

John:we do have a national unicycling community here but we aren’t registered because with that comes a whole new set of rules that we need to adhere to as stipulated by the law. Well, I guess if we start off now by car and boat, we could reach by June…

Maybe they would give a grant for an adventure race to get to Nova Scotia and the starting line for RTL. Getting there would be an adventure and it would be a race to get there in time.

Someone has already shown the way…

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the joke of the day.:stuck_out_tongue: