A helicopter forced me off the unicycle.


Existentialist. To decide to do the unplanned. To act is to be. We never know what we will decide until the moment we act. (Jean Paul Satire)

I had a middle ear infection that lasted for two months. It had the effect of making me dizzy when I heard bass noises. I remember being in Sears shopping for vacuum cleaners and someone had cranked the bass in the demo stereo section. I had to hold on to the vacuum displays to avoid tipping over. It was terrible. People must have thought I was on something stronger than the antibiotics that I was taking!

It finally went away, but sometimes when I get a cold, tinges of it come back.

If you want to get technical, those whooping sounds you hear is the blade at the sound barrier. Its almost going mach 1, but not quite there. Much like the crack of a whip is a mini-sonic boom. Same thing, but on a much bigger scale.

well…technically an oxymoron is a two-word contradictory phrase. what you’re suggesting would be more like a paradox. :smiley:

Well, as it turns out I developed an ear infection. The helicopter attack was the first sign of a problem. Since then I’ve had good and bad days riding. Bad days where were I could ride the coker, but my balance seemed to need constant attention to the point of it being more tedious than fun. The Good days of course were I could cruise with a natural balance. It doesn’t seem to effect riding the smaller Nimbus muni 24" riding, I could idle and go back wards even.

So I must have been sensitive to the helicopter’s sound, much like Podzol described with her hearing infection and the loud bass.

Those are great observations about my ‘decision to UPD’ statment, :slight_smile: .

Well, at least its not a consistant problem…with the helo and all. That would be a wierd problem to have. Hope you get well soon over that infection.

yes mythbusters also dont go into there experiments enough before they call them busted. I mean some of there experiments are true but they only focus on one aspect of it and dont experiment the others. I think its more of a kids show not really for adults. I dont agree with some of there agreements on things as they dont go into them far enough as there time frame on an experiment is very short. It annoys me when they get it wrong though. Do you get this too or is it just me that thinks this?