A Handy tool if you are into UNITOURING

…or any type of touring. Forgive me if this has been posted but the search came up empty. Actually, some of the cokeurs and cycle tourists on here might know about this or something similar. I was just really pleased to find out that it is free and seems quite intuitive.
www.bikely.com ----> finding it so useful to research potential day trips or multi day rides by searching departure city and arrival city.

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Thanks Levi, very nice - grassrootsy. Found a lot of stuff relevant to me w/keyword ‘Minneapolis’.

I use this site for rides around the North East of England.


Great links guys! I’m always looking for new training routes AND THIS THREAD DELIVERS!

Until now I’ve only been using http://veloroutes.org/


there is a map of a tour I did with my Dad last summer. It was the trip of a lifetime.

Good god I don’t think I could ride that distance even if I took a month, how long did it take you?

It took about a week and a half with 6 riding days I believe. My dad is 61 so we did a lot of stopping and went fairly slow. Some very steep climbs though. The real problem in this tour, though, was packing enough water. sometimes 90 km between towns and no civilization in between. I carried 4 full 100oz bladders and two water bottles full of electrolytes. We ate only cliff bars in between towns. After all, highway 50 is “The lonliest road in America”. One of the towns we stayed in only had a population of 18.

Also there is http://www.mapmyride.com which is quite nice, and has a really nice interface to add routes if you don’t have a gps (or are planning routes to upload to your gps).

Oh and if you happen to have a modern nokia phone nokia sports tracker is nice, you can magically upload gps tracks directly from the software running on your phone. It can even upload pictures you take during a ride, so that you can see them mapped on the route. No messing about uploading to computer in one piece of software, then uploading to website in another, you just press one button in the phone software and it’s done. I dunno if they have new enough phones in the US yet, US people always seem to have ancient nineties phones.

This is my (slightly indirect) commute on my two wheeled bike this morning.

The phone software comes from here