A Great New Unicycle Video!

Yet To Be Named…

is a great video - well done Mark and Rick.

I watched it last night, sorry Aaron, I found it in the car after BMW so you will have to wait till Thursday!

Good choice of Music (most of it anyway:D ) and some very interesting and some inventive tricks. You can spot the influence of universe II of course but that doesnt matter.

Some of the muni looks awesome - you can see its hard and some very steep but suffers from the problem everybody has ie it never looks as steep or as technical on film as it does in real life. I will have to get to Rivington Pike sometime.

I reccommend this video to all, well worth watching.

Contact Mark Lever or Rick Else for a copy.



thanks for the review simon, glad you enjoyed it.

Copies will be avaialable at future cumbria muni and trials club meets. And im sure i can arrange posting if anyone else wants one.

Mark Lever

I agree, I enjoyed it very much. well done guys, I must say better than the trailer makes it look to be honest, some damn good riding in there, and some of that silly freestyle stuff actually apealed to me…looked hard mind! Well done!