A good unicycle tire

I’ve been looking for some reviews but it seems no one reviews the tires alone. I want to replace my currrent tire on my 20" unicycle. the one i currently have is horrible for jumping on anything it’s very thin, the max psi is 40 so i put it at 35 and if i jump off anything higher than 3 steps it bottoms out. if i blow it up to 40 it makes it hard to jump and hurts when landing. i was planning on buying one from unicycle.com but i dont know which one is good. i was thinking of getting their Maxxis Creepy Crawler 19 x 2.5 Trials Tire but it’s $30 and i’m not sure if it’s any better than their other brands which are under $20. I need one that’s good for trials and street unicycling. I also need a 24" tire but that one will only be used for riding with little to no tricks.

you sound like a noob.
you have a trials rim right?
and if you do get a luna from bedford

i dont know what rim i have i bought it on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/NEW-IN-BOX-Unicycle-20-Wheel-Uni-cycle-QUALITY_W0QQitemZ170133908174QQihZ007QQcategoryZ2904QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
i have put a handle on it and new pedals but it is still a piece of junk unicycle. i dont know how to check if it is a trials rim or not. could you tell me how. thanks for your help.

I can tell you it’s not because it is a 20" rim, not a trials 19"

oh sorry i didn’t see that it was a 19" i didn’t even know there was such thing as a 19". ok so now i’m still in the same position as before what tire is good for what i am doing? i am willing to buy from anywhere not just unicycle.com

haha, hey man

Not that you haven’t already figured this out, but that’s going to be a crappy unicycle regardless of what tire you put on it. I don’t think any of the trial tires will fit. So I think you will be stuck with a similar tire until you get a better uni.

If your doing jumps and stuff sounds like need a decent trials unicycle.

Make sure your frame will fit the 2.5" tire

The other cheaper tires are skinnier. If you want bounce and shock absorption,
you want the creepy crawler, a skinny freestyle will perform much like your present tire, so the maxxis is worth the cash. You want the extra rubber and air.
If your uni came with a skinny tire, and a maxxis will fit, try to avoid having so much fun with your new tire that you bend everything up. UDC only carries the maxxis, but other 2.5 trials tires should be OK. The duro leopard is a great 24"x3" tire, very popular. I have never tried any freestyle tires. The duro is more of a muni-trials tire.

Now that I have seen your uni

I would just save your money. That’s a fine uni for general riding, but you will just bend it if you try to jump much with it.:frowning:

i dont want to spend the money to get a new unicycle yet because i’m not that far into it. i was only introduced to unicycling just over a month ago but i want a better tire for when i’m going off sets of 4 steps and my tire bottoms out. i dont really care if i bend anything on it it’s not worth much anyway and who actually uses a 20" unicycle for general riding. ok so i was thinking of getting the Maxxis Hookworm 20 x 1.95 110 psi or the Odyssey Groundwork tire with 120 psi and a 2.1 tire. which would be better?

No matter what tire you get, you won’t be satisfied with your uni…

I had that exact unicycle when I started, and it is weak. The cranks are cotterless, the seat has no handle(which I do not like), and the frame is too small to house a real tire.

If you are considering anything more than just riding around, get a new unicycle.

Torker DX is a good second step.

no i am quite fine wth the unicycle i got it has a very comfortable seat, dx pedals and a KH saddle handle and it’s very light. i almost like it more than my brothers torker lx because mines lighter but his is more stable and had a better frame and tire but has the most uncomfortable seat i have ever ridden on. all i’m missing is the tire. if mine bends i will just buy a better one, i need one anyways but i am content with what i’ve got.

What I’m trying to say is that the kind of tire you need wont fit on that rim, or in that frame.

Well, you MIGHT be able to find a tire that would fit on a 20" rim…

Maxxis makes a pretty wide 20" tire, as with the Onza sticky finger tire.

You should take it to your LBS and see if they can test fit some of their fatter 20" tires on there and see what is the widest you can go.

You should also try your air pressure again, seems like 5psi shouldn’t make that big of a difference, but if it really is, try 39/38/37 or something in between 35 and 40 so you still get some spring, but not bottoming out.

Good luck.

You may find it easier to just buy a trials uni, but that’s for you to decided once you really know you want one.

24" tires are good and plenty. Check your bike shop, and bring your uni in with you. Be most effective that way.

i’ve been thinking about getting a torker dx i found a used one but i’m not sure if it will last as long because it is used. so will the dx break if i buy a used one or is it a strong unicycle?

The dx sounds like a good deal

As long as you don’t pay to much for it. You could sell it later for what you paid for it, when you want and can afford a better uni. They are heavy but tough. If it looks and rides ok it should be fine. The bearings are 15 $ each though (compared to way cheaper for generic bearings on most uni’s). Torker uses a unique size bearing.
Measure your rim diameter. It is likely (almost sure) to be about 16 3/4. A bmx tire will fit, as long as it is not to fat for your frame. Trials rims are about 15 1/2" and need a special tire your lbs will not have, at least here in the USA.

I’ve been reading about the torker dx and people complain about the weight alot but they never say how heavy it actually is, how many pounds is it? any worst than the torker LX?

i just bought a torker dx on ebay

ok i bought one it cost me $205 so i saved $40 by buying it used which i think is worth it as long as it wont break from previous use but the uni doesnt look to warn at all. what do you guys think?http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160139771006

Looks good, didnt really see lots of scratches like from crankgrabs, and grinding stuff, and the seat looks good. Im betting he rode it on the trials and barely did any trials/street.

It will weigh around 14-15 pounds. Isnt that much.

ok thanks for letting me know, my last one was just under 11 pounds but i’m sure i’ll get used to it quick.