A good trials uni!

i have got some money togather and am looking for a good trials uni. if you have one for sale tell me. :wink:


How much money?

I’ve got the 07 kh hub, laced up to a nimbus rim I pained fluro orange. The hub has some surface rust, but I could spray some black converter on there, very strong, nothing doing any damage though. That is on a koxx white russian I covered with stickers. I can strip it for you if your wanting to paint. It comes with a cromo post uncut and a koxx seat with kh cover.

A very good starter uni. Ships with 150 moments. A little long, but I rode them for almost a year and loved them. Very nice for jumping from skinny to skinny. Brand new never used CC. Brand new gusset slimjim pedals, with some damage from 1 test run. 1 pins are out of them, very rideable.

280 + shipping.

I have mine…This is UNI_DUDE_DX by the way.

And what might it bee

nimbus frame, everything else KH,

CF base, and snapped pedals…


Pics? and how much?

Pics at near the start of the nimbus thread, and 300??

I need cash to get a new transmission for my car. tore it out briving off road BUCK TEN.

i looked they said you deleted them from photobucket.
wow 110 offroad ive only gone 114 onroad.

Haha, ill get somme other pics, and ya it was pretty much madness.