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I’m looking to buy a MUni. Right now I use a KH20 Trials unicycle for MUni’ing, which works, but I would prefer a 24 or 26 inch tire.
My price range is anything under $1,000. Well, I was looking at a few that were just over 1,000. Mainly the KH24. I think I’m going to get either this one or the cheaper KH24 MUni. Is the more expensive one really worth the 800 extra dollars?
Also, I want to get a Miyata Saddle. I have a KH Saddle on my Trials unicycle, but I personally think that Miyata’s are better for Trials and KH seats are better for MUni. If I want to order a Miyata saddle on it instead, should I call unicycle.com?

Come on, I know someone out there has the answer for this…

ill tell you what i am using

miyata airseat
yuni frame
dx32 rim with suzue hub wheelset (from unicycle.com)
bulletproof pedals
3" arrow downhill tire

its nothing fancy but i havent had any problems with it. i am riding in dc though, which doesnt exactly have the most technical trails. it survived the nj muni weekend and it is all i ride on, including trials. it does, though, prevent me from trying big drops, because of the suzue. it cost me 300-350 USD total (including several upgrades midownership). i have broken two sets of crank arms and one set of pedals but the frame, seat, and wheel are almost perfect. like i said, nothing special, but its cheap!

be old-school, buy a 1976 schwinn off of ebay and rebuild it just how you want it… at least that’s what I did… the frame is bomber, and you can accessorize with whatever wheelset, cranks, pedals, and seat you want…

I’m extremely happy with my 24" Nimbus II/Yuni MUni with the 3" Gazza and KH-saddle. I’m going to get a new wheel with Qu-Ax hub and cranks for it next summer. So I won’t have to worry too much about bending them. And that sKH saddle is great though it could be a little lighter. But for 1000$ you would get a Yuni with profiles and a brake fitted to it.

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How and where do you plan on riding this muni? What kind of trails? How much abuse will it get? Will the frame get dropped on rocks or curbs due to UPDs? Do you have plans to learn to glide? What’s important for you?

Things were easier when I bought my munis. There were only a few choices. Only two hubs (the DM and the Profile). Not so many options and combinations.

It won’t get a huge amount of abuse, so a fairly cheap one would probably work. Even if I got the cheaper KH24, I was planning on upgrading to the Gazz tire.
And it probably won’t get dropped on the street or anything to much. At the time that I get it, I’ll probably use it for commuting. But in a few months, once I earn more money, I’ll probably get a 29er or a Coker.

honestly i think u should just get the KH24
its an awesome muni and with the Gazz tire the Magura brakes u cant go wrong. It looks awesome, feels awesome, and u get to pick the color of ur KH seat. The main thing ur paying for in the higher end MUnis is the Profile hub, but no1 has ever broken the KH splined hub+crankset yet and do u really need a warranty? i have i one with a yellow KH seat and its unbeleivable, but if ur really willing to pay the money for the higher end MUnis then go ahead but thats just my opinion :slight_smile:

Yeah, I think I’ll go with the cheaper KH24.
Now for another question: Are the brake worth the extra hundred bucks? It seems like you can only ride as fast as you pedal, except when you’re sliding down some loose dirt. But the brake doesn’t stop you from sliding, does it?

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On Sat, 25 Oct 2003 09:07:41 -0500, James_Potter
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>But the brake doesn’t stop you from
>sliding, does it?

I have no experience with a braked uni, but yet I think a brake DOES
stop you from sliding (to a degree). That is because the brake brakes
evenly through the revolution of the wheel, whereas with pedals-only
you go through two maxima in braking power per revolution (which are
higher than what you need ‘on average’ -> more risk of sliding).

And of course the brake makes long descents less taxing on your
muscles and joints but you knew that.

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Whoa, there were a lot of big words in there. lol But I figured it out.
So I probably won’t be doing any huge MUni’ing, so I’ll go with the Gazzaloddi but no brakes.
Thanks everyone!

It’s hard to beat the Taiwanese KH24 muni. The price is good and it’s a very good muni. The Taiwanese KH24 has hit a price point and a level of strength and quality that makes muni accessible to many new people who may not have been able to afford the $1000 plus munis of the past. And that’s a very good thing.

In your first message you asked if the KH24 Pro is worth the extra $800. The KH24 Pro is a slightly better frame and the Profile is a slightly better hub. Is that slightly betterness worth $800? If you are scrimping and saving and sacrificing to be able to afford the muni then it’s not worth it. If you are making decisions like “if I get the KH24 Pro then I won’t be able to get a 29er”, then it is not worth it.

The Taiwanese KH24 is a great muni. Be happy with it. With the money you save you can buy some extra goodies for it like a rail adapter for the seat and a nice tilting bicycle seatpost (like the Thomson).

And don’t forget to get some nice metal tire levers like the Park TL-5 to make it easier to install and remove the Gazz if you have to fix a flat or rotate the tire. Plastic tire levers often break when used to remove a beefy downhill tire.

After MUni Weekend, I decided I just have to get a MUni. I decided on the KH24, after making a sacrifice to ebay by selling my Lightwave 7.5 animation software. But I don’t know if I should get the Gazz. Couldn’t I just use the tire it comes with, then after it wears out, just upgrade? Give me your opinion!



I got the KH24 with the Duro tire and it works okay for me… I’m not really a “hopper” though and from what I hear that is where the Gaz really makes a difference…

yea when i ordered my KH24 i upgraded to a Gazz tire and already ive noticed a BIG hopping improvement, im so glad i did get the Gazz tire because when i first ordered it i had no idea what the difference was(i just got it because my dad was paying for most of it for my birthday). But yea id definately get the Gazz tire, for the extra $55 its totally worth it :smiley:

Hmmm maybe I should get it… I do hop a lot…

Thanks for the input…

Does unicycle.com put the money from the duro tire toward the Gazz?



It’s the hub. A bombproof splined hub is what you’re paying for in the 600 dollar munis. you don’t need one if you are not going to be doing drops. BTW, gazzy tires rock! carjug

My KH24 ($500 model) should be coming tomorrow. I am told the Gazz tire makes a big difference. Don’t know for myself yet. I got the KH because I didn’t want to be concerned about breaking the cranks or hub. I want the limitations in riding to come from me, not the MUni. Too many lower priced MUnis seemed to have a weaker hub and crank set up.

Had to stay on a budget though. Maybe someday I can spend $1,000 for a a really sweet ride. Until then, I’ll be smiling ear to ear on my KH24.

Since the Gazz upgrade was almost the same price as buying the Gazz alone, I got the KH24 with the standard tire and bought a Gazz on the side at the same time. The way I see it, I get to try both tires and only pay another $8-$10 (difference in shipping and upgrade/buy costs).

Can’t wait to get it.


Congratulations Bill. You will love your KH24. I have a YFA-KH24 that I love.
I smile ear to ear too! --chirokid–

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On Thu, 30 Oct 2003 21:01:18 -0600, billham
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>Since the Gazz upgrade was almost the same price as buying the Gazz
>alone, I got the KH24 with the standard tire and bought a Gazz on the
>side at the same time. The way I see it, I get to try both tires and
>only pay another $8-$10 (difference in shipping and upgrade/buy

If you have at some point in time anything to say about the
comparison, please post about it.

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