a good helmet?

so i need a new helmet, im lokkin for a thin skate style helmet with good vents and stuff, so what shood i get?

oh prefferably w/ a cool design or somthin

I like the Giro Semi helmet. It is a skate/BMX style helmet that is manufactured like a good bike helmet rather than the heavy and more bulky typical skate/BMX style. The Giro Semi is lighter and less bulky than regular skate/BMX helmets.

Only problem is that Giro took it out of their catalog for this year. I did a search on Google Froogle and found a few places that appear to still have the helmet in stock. If you can find one that is the right size for you it’s a good helmet for trials and street.

Hopefully Giro is just updating the style and will have a similar helmet in their 2007 catalog. I don’t want the Giro Semi to disappear.

You can see pics of it here: http://images.google.com/images?q=Giro+Semi+helmet&hl=en&btnG=Search+Images

here’s one that’s only about $190. http://www.gottaridebikes.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=GRB&Product_Code=hlm0080&Category_Code=GIH :astonished:

Searching BestBikeBuys also finds a couple shops that appear to still have a few sizes in stock. Selection is getting limited.

Is the visor removable??

don’t mean to threadjack, but while you’re all looking for helmets,
does anyone know of any bike/skate helmet that kind of flares out at teh edges like a WWII american helmet?

There are two flavours of the Semi. The Semi MX has the visor and the regular Semi does not. I don’t know if the visor is removable on the MX version.

anything else, i dont really like the look of the semi

the 661 helmets are supposedly nice. i like my pryme 8 helmet. cheap and fits pretty well.

it’s removable on the mx version (But will leave holes wehre it went
i have it and am VERY happy w/ it for biking and uniing
much cooler than a normal skate helmet but more protective than a bike helmet
if you can get your hands on one, go for it!

and abbabibble, the only helmet i can think of that flares out is the giro bad lieutenant snow helmet, maybe you can remove teh ear flaps to make it a uni helmet?

well ive tryed on a pryme 8 and i have a misshaped head so it didnt fit good, also its like 3 inches thick, and isnt the 661 really thick too cause its 1 size fits all so if you have a small head(wich i dont) it will be thick

I have the pro-tec ace dig and really like it. It is just like the ace / ace pro except it has a removable visor. It can be seen here:

i’ve got a TSG and i like it a lot. its really tough. if ur looking for something kinda unique, i always thought these looked cool

capix helmet

can you wear that backwards with the brim in back, i mean?

i’m pretty sure. i’ve seen people do it.

Mace trigger is a really nice skid-lid, and you can get it with speakers mounted above your ears so you can listen while you ride. Mace also has a coupla other nice helmets.