A good game of hockey

Last night I made the trek up to tufnell park in London to join Lunis for a
hockey session again. well worth the trip ( left home at 3pm, returned at
10.30pm , 5 trains, one car . Tea with my gran in the middle…)

There were ten of us so a full blown 5 a side game happened. Phil broke a
unicycle ( hub sheared at the pedal end) and somebody ( naming no names) broke
some one elses stick by riding over it, oops. Oh and a photographer was there
from the London Evening Standard , who might be running a piece on monday.

I had a blast, it was really good to be on the uni and playing hockey again. I
worked out recently that I’ve been playing on and off for 9 years now, and I’m
still using an eight year old stick, well bits of it are eight years old… I’m
on the 4th or 5th blade.

Any London or nearby based riders ( I live in Berkshire, some 40 miles away)
would be very welcome to come along on a thursday night and join in, you don’t
need to have played before and you don’t need to own your own stick , but it
might be worth letting rocket know if you need to borrow one with the rate they
seem to get run over…

The sports hall is very near Tufnell park tube station and there plenty of
parking space in the play ground for cars or the side of the hall for two
wheeled cycles. Rocket has a bit of a web page with map and the like at


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Re: A good game of hockey

I live near Roger, so a bit far :slight_smile: would like to though.