A good freestyle uni

I’ve been unicycling for two months now. I got myself a 24" muni QU-AX thinking that I would do street and trials, but now it seems to me that all I ever do is freestyle. And the more freestyle I do the more I want to do it, because it’s so unbelievably cool!
Now, if I wanted to focus on freestyle, would that mean that I’d have to get a freestyle uni? I’ve read lots of times that the best wheelsize for freestyle is 20". Why is that? Does it make things significantly easier? How come all freestyle riders use 20" unicycles?
So, to the subject. I’m thinking of buying a Professional Freestyle QU-AX. Is it good and strong? I already have a muni QU-AX and I’m very happy with it. Are freestyle ones as good? On unicycle.uk.com it says that it’s a beginners budget unicycle. Why is that? I looked at other unicycles(like Koxx) and don’t see any immediate advantages over the QU-AX. How long would it last me? Would I be able to go down stair-sets on it?(I know that’s not freestyle, but what if I have to :roll_eyes: )
So, what would you advice? Should I get a freestyle uni and if yes, which one? I have about 300 euros at my disposal. What’s a good freestyle uni within that price range? What things do you look for when choosing a freestyle uni?

ps. I’ll probably wait till Christmas if I decide to get the uni, as I might cool down with freestyle(not likely).

I don’t know anything about freestyle exept that you don’t wanna go down stairs on a freestyle, 'specially not steep long stairs. It would bend your wheel after a few times. My post here dosen’t help much but…

A freestyle is a much more delicate unicycle than a trials unicycle. While you can spend a lot of money on them, it’s not neccessary. In North America I’d proably reccommend a semcycle, but over there you should look at the koxx free-tricks. They look really badass and are really badass.

In a freestyle unicycle you’re looking for a narrow q-factor to eliminate wobble for tricks like seat push and sif etc.

You’re going to want a strong cotterless hub, which will stand up to the mild hopping you’ll be doing.

You’ll want a narrow, 1.95" or so high pressure tire for spins and such, as well as 127-110mm cranks or so. Low frame-tire clearance and foot rests on the frame are also quite useful.

In addition, go for a long-neck frame, this puts the seatpost clamp up out of the way of your feet for stand-up tricks and any time your foot is on the frame. A small, hex bolt clamp is also desirable.

Don’t worry too much about the seat, and basically don’t abuse it. keep it to the flat and a unicycle like the koxx free-tricks will do you for a long time. When you get the urge to hop, go use your QU-AX :slight_smile:

Generally with freestyle you’ll want a frame with a longer neck than the regular short stubby necks on most standard unicycles. With a 20" wheel you’re going to need a longer seatpost to begin with (assuming average height for an older teen or an adult). A 300mm seatpost with a short neck frame isn’t going to be tall enough. A longer neck also gets the seatpost clamp more out of the way for skills that involve getting your legs wrapped around the seatpost area (crossover riding and such).

A long neck frame like Koxx freestyle long neck or Nimbus long neck or similar would be better suited for freestyle and you’ll be able to use a regular length seatpost.

Quick release seatpost clamps also get in the way for freestyle. A low-profile single or double bolt clamp will be better and won’t catch or jab your legs.

Yay, there are so few riders who rider freestyle as their preference on these forums. Im glad that you are enjoying it, i also think it is one of the best things ever.

I can’t recommend buying a distinct uni for freestyle enough as they ride so incredibley nicely. If you end up getting a good one you will notice how awesome it is as soon as you get onto it. I havent forgotten the first time i stepped onto my wyganowski, it was THAT much better than my entry level unicycle.

Im not sure what the unicycles are like from unicycle.uk.com, they seem to have quite good middle of the range freestyle but no really advanced frames like miyata deluxe. I quite like the koxx signature frame uni, although it might be a bit pricey. The design has really grown on me. In the koxx freestyle roadtrip video they all ride it and do some incredibley advanced tricks (especially jullien :smiley: ).

i suppose it depends on how far you go. What sort of level are you at? For some tricks the quality of the unicycle is more important. In fact theres no perfect set up because every trick has different optimum tyre pressure, seat height crank length etc. For tricks like coasting, you really do need a well balanced frame with good crown for example and if you don’t have that its going to be hard to learn…

And no, you cannot take a freestyle unicycle down stair sets.

Thank you for your replys, everyone!

I understand about stair-sets, what about unispins? Can I do those on a freestyle uni?
I am about level 4, however I am learning fairly quickly and I’m sure I’ll be much higher by the time I get my uni. I think that for now I’ll stick with my muni and when I feel that my current unicycle is preventing me from learning something, I’ll order my freestyle. I mostly do different types of wheel-walking now, but things like coasting are a high priority on my list. I’m probably going to order from municycle.com, could someone recomend a good uni from there?
Also, what if I ordered the profi QU-AX and then upgraded it part by part as I needed to? Or maybe order the QU-AX and a long-necked Koxx frame? I’m kinda low on the budget.

Is this a good one - http://www.einradladen.net/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=2_48&products_id=255&osCsid=9086b90a6df77986642171ea274d1138?

The signature one is a little bit too expensive. This one is also very expensive, but if I find a job I might be able to afford it… Looks really nice. Is it worth the price?

Is it okay for outside riding(concrete, asphalt)? Would it get scratched up? What about the white tire? It just looks so fragile…

If you intend to order from Germany, you should also check out the www.ajata.de site. You can order there one of the prebuilt freestyle unis, or select among the components to build up your own version.

I personally prefer a square crown for a freestyle uni, see

Here one of quite a few freestyle unis:

That Koxx video is really impressive! Now I know that I simply have to get a freestyle uni!

Here are some photos of my freestyle uni so you can see what the Nimbus Longneck frame looks like (and some Primo Macro!):

Nimbus Longneck Frame
QuAx 114mm Cranks
Plastic Pedals
Double Walled Nimbus Rim
Primo The Wall Tire
KH Freestyle Seat
Nimbus Seatpost
Lots and Lots of Spokes! :stuck_out_tongue: