A good day gone bad(should I buy new or get fixed?)

Today started out great, school went fast and i was able to go to my LBS to pick up my brand new 661 leg armour. The design on the side was different(which i liked) and they fit me perfectly. I go home plant my 661 sticker on my trials and gear up for a ride. At first its drizzling and kinda cold on the way to the park but then it starts to snow a little with the rain. This wasnt too bad as there are three parkbenches and a sizeable garbage can to jump off of under this pavilion thing. I start with pedal grabs and such and make nice progress in trying to 180° out of the pedal grab and even manage to do it a few times, the 661’s also take two hard hits from the pedal and i dont feel a thing. Then i set the benches close enough to where i can jump from one to another. I pedal grab to the top of the benches and make it around once and hop off, not the best landing because i didnt absorb andy shock and i felt all the drop go straight into the cranks. Second time I BEND THE CRANK! I bent it weirdly too. The crank itself isnt bent but the part that holds the pedal is bent backwards so every pedalrevolution is lopsided and weird. So i just work on low pedalgrabs just so i dont break the things. I go home ten minutes later frustrated and a bit befungled. By the way just so you guys know the 661’s are awesome and comfy.

My question is, i know i should order some new cranks right away but would it be worth my money to pay my LBS to fix the crank(if they can). Or should i just save my money and chuck the bent crank.

What kind of crank? Crappy steel ones or aluminum ones should be replaced, because the metal is fatigued, but splined ones like profiles might be worth fixing (although if they were profiles they could be warrantied for free).

They are lascos. However they are NOT the lascos from uni.com they are beter but obviously not much. My main question was. would it be better to chuck the crap crank or fix it and save it for a spare.

Catboy, did you bend the crank or the pedal axle? The way you describe it, it sounds as though the pedal axle is bent. To verify this, just swap out a pedal (be sure it’s stamped R or L the same as the bent one) from another bike or uni.

Im psitive its the crank because i can see where the crank is bent.