A good beginer trials uni?

heheh the title says it all…
not very experienced but i know im going trials. with christmass coming up, price doesnt matter :roll_eyes:
im looking for something that can do simple beginner stuff, like hopping up curbs and easy trials runs.

any suggestions?

well as soon as you start you get better so then you gonna want a moderate trials uni then a advanced then a pro then a uber :stuck_out_tongue: so why not just get a KH20 with titanium hub. Will last for ages. Pretty light, good cranks etc. Or if you want something more cheaper. Nimbus with 145mm cranks moments you probably wont not sure if you can get them at that size but.

Nimbus Trial with Kh cranks are the cheapest and good unis for trials, Im really happy with mine one.

If you want cheap and good quality I’d go with the nimbus, but if you want the best get a kh trials.

lol, whats with the bad links?
anyway, i think i’ll go with the KH
im liking the looks of this one the most…http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=799

Indeed. Get the 2008 version though for just 15 more dollars. It has various modifications on it that make it better than the '07 version.

hmm… i keep hearing about this oh so mystical carbon fiber seat plates
so whats so mystical about them? :thinking:

They’re just stronger and lighter than a regular plastic base/stiffener. They cost a significant amount though, and you’ll need a different seat post to be able to use one. You shouldn’t really need one unless you’re breaking seats.

Different seatpost? Depends on that CF base you buy.

The Scott Wallis (not an option here in europe :frowning: i would love to have a Deathgrip handle) or the UDC one.

You have to drill holes into the UDC one, so you can fit every seatpost you want. I have a UDC-CF base and use a Quax Reinforced seatpost.

Most people on these forums will recommend the Nimbus Trials, but remember that deal I showed you?:wink:

By the time you actually are buying you may actually be able to get the KH '08 on one of the discount sites.

I would like to see a broken hub. Come on, not just bent flanges, but broken. Hubs are strong, TI just saves weight. Do you want a $460 weight saver right now?

You’re tall, so you may be able to get away with longer cranks, but remember that right now I’m actually looking into shorter ones. (for my trials, ~125mm, not the ones I’m talking about making myself :p)

Yes, I want a carbon fiber base, but thats just because I have now broken 3 regular ones. Use good technique, don’t smash down on the front handle, and you probably won’t want one until you’re riding past my level.

It is a worthy first upgrade to a uni, however.

The 08’s are slightly improved, but not worth 50 % more. I would get one of these, and then upgrade the seat base ,pedals, ti hub etc. later if you feel like it.