A good 2nd unicycle?

I’ve been riding my 20 inch torker for over a year, and am looking into buying a 2nd unicycle (or at least a new seat, yow). I have questions that bike shop people who sell unicycles but don’t ride them just can’t answer!

Is there a happy medium between Muni and coker? 26 inch muni? Would that be too much muni for a 31 inch inseam? Could I ride to school on a 24 inch muni? ]

I feel silly asking such questions here, but all the other unicyclists I know are 9 years younger and can’t help me with such dilemnas.

Your so lucky you live in vancouver.

how far is it to school
and id recomend a kris holm 29 xc its great for muni and for road and very fast

Yup, very lucky to live in Vancouver.

It is 2.13 miles to school, or 3.4 km according to mapquest. With lots of cars in between.

A 29er!


Good for cross-country riding… it can handle slightly technical trails, too.

Also, if you plan on doing VERY light cross-counrty with no drops, and also commuting stuff then consider getting the torker AX when it comes out. It seems like it will be a great uni and really light with an alloy frame, but it does have cotterless cranks:(

If you want to use it for all-around riding, I would recommend a 24 in tire. You can do muni, light commuting (1-3 miles at a reasonable pace), some street, some trials, or whatever. It’s not a top choice for the last three I mentioned but is a good size for all around.
A 26 in tire would be good too for commuting and muni. If you want to get around on it, 29 would be a great choice.
If you can, try out some different sizes to see what suits your tastes best.
You won’t know what you like most if you dont know what else is out there.

Oh please, that is what the forum is for! No need to feel silly.


Go with the 29er

I have the Nimbus 29er and I love it. It is now my primary unicycle after learning on a 24-inch. If I had to do it all over again, I would probably get the KH 29er because it’s so well designed (lighter and stronger, better parts).

Nevertheless, the Nimbus 29er is capable of more than my current skill level and it’s fun.

hey guys, come on, there is a CHEAP 28" sun if you want a bigger uni, and its only $100

That thing is so weak, you can’t even drop off curbs and the seat is terrible. If he’s already got 85, might as well save up the additional 160 for a yuni 29 inch

Thanks everybody who replied. I wasn’t even thinking 29 inch. I probably don’t need one as sturdy (intense? prestigious?) as the KH for the kind of stuff I want to do, but I know it would be nice. Very Very nice.

Hey stkekeke,
You should email vanunicycling@yahoogroups.ca which is the maillist for vanuni.com.
Most of us opt for a KH Freeride 24", which is good for muni on the north shore as well as general purpose riding.
A good way to check it out is join us for a ride and try out a few unicycles… see what you like. We’ll be at science world, 10am sunday. Cheers

What I would do, would be to build a 29" with all KH parts other than the frame, get a Yuni steal frame, and save about $200. It will be quite a bit heavier, but that isn’t a big deal.

And a 22.2 post.

29er all the way

I started with a 20" trial too. But after several months I wanted to travel faster and greater distances. Luckely I found at Ebay a used 24" Quax MUni.
But after this summer I fell in love with a KH 29 XC and must say: awesome.
Very light and very strong. The reason for buying was that municycle.com sold it as a hot deal. It’s the old version (no ISIS) but I recommend it to everyone who likes to travel on- but also offroad.
I don’t know what the shipping cost are but here’s the link:

Not a problem. I’ve a 30 or 31 inch inseam and ride 20,24,29, and 36er and I haven’t had to cut any frames short.

As far as your main question, my 2nd uni was a KH29 and it is fantastic.