A german Unicycle experience.

I am homeschooled and I take German classes with a class of other kids. Recently
I asked her (the German teacher) how to say unicycle in German. She replied with
an inquisitive look and asked if I had seen one in a museum. I explained after a
bit of laughing that I had 2 of my own and afterwards gave the class a
demonstration on my 5ft. and regular unicycle!

I am new to the list so here is info about me:

Name:Stacy Place:Royersford, PA Age:14/f Hobbies:Unicycling, horse back riding,
soccer, etc…

I got into unicycling in September. I learned quickly but there is not a
club near me to ride with so my friend and I ride together. Hope to hear
form you soon!!!

Stacy~Einrad (which means unicycle in german)