A funny thing happened on my ride

I was out on my daily cruise around the neighborhood the other day and was having a great ride. A couple of folks that I passed had very positive comments like, “wow, cool” and “that looks like so much fun.” No stupid “other-wheel” comments at all. Then, I rode by a house where there were 3 kids playing basketball in their driveway. They were all about 9 or 10 years old. As I rode by they all stopped and looked at me so I waved and said ‘hello.’ They all just froze with a somewhat shocked expression on their faces :astonished: that said ‘Oh crap, the crazy man on the unicycle just talked to us’ !! They were speechless. Maybe you had to be there but I though it was hilarious. I left them in a state of shock.

You had to be there.

I can relate. I’ve had similar experiences with kids at the park, while riding on my MUni

Thats cool. I always get people who think they are the first person to make a coment, and that they’re the most clever person for thinking of it. But doesn’t everyone get coments like that???:slight_smile:

i guess

Are you sure it was the unicycle? Maybe you had toilet paper hanging out your pants or something. :smiley:

Having to be there

I hope I didn’t sound too snide. I noticed later that our beloved anecdote-relater is a level 1, and that makes sense, because many of us have experienced that drop-jaw effect we have on other people. It’s sort of like if someone posted that they’d been asked where their other wheel was. Not funny when it’s happened to you 1,459,032 timesw (but who’s counting?).

Nonetheless, we welcome all our uni brethren and wish you well.

By the way, now you can look forward to getting a treat like my brother once experienced. In an attempt to make him fall, a buxom woman flashed my bro a few years ago. He maintained composure and balance, amazingly.

Enjoy these funny unicycle times we live in.


Re: Having to be there

Oh boy, wait until he finds out what “level 1” on this forum means.

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What does Level 1 mean in this forum?

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I thought it meant you were working on level 2. Not to confused level II with level 11.