A frame to rule them all!

I’m planning to use only one frame and change only the wheel as I need.
I know the sizes: 20", 24"/26" fat freewheel, 29" (maybe one day geared); 36". Every hub should be disc compatible (no external disc)

What frame will I need? Does a nightfox 125mm could mount a 26"x4"? Will I have issues with the brakes countinuosly removing the dbrake?
Is there another frame more disc compatible? Does the hatchet weight more than the Nightfox?
Will a 36" 100mm frame work better?

What will you choose as your unique frame?

My vote is for: Don’t do it.

Choose which wheelsizes you really want/need, and build proper unis for them.

The Nightfow with a D-Brake adapter is out of the question. You would have to align the damn thing every time you swap wheels, and trust me, that’s not fun.

Building a custom 20" wheelset with a disk hub (I assume you don’t want to unbolt your disk caliper every time you swap to the 20") will cost you about as much as a Qu-ax Luxus or UDC Club.

You will probably want different saddles/setups for different unis. A longer T-Bar on a 36", a shorter on a 29" and freewheel, no Bar on the 20". Different seat heights, tilts, etc. Maybe a flat seat for a freestyle 20", and a bit more cushioned on the 36".

I agree. I believe having one unicycle that you change the wheel every time you want to ride a different discipline will likely just result in you riding fewer disciplines often…

You will be like do I want to swap my 36 out just to do a little bit of freestyle skills? Nah cant be bothered. If you have a separate unicycle it’s as much effort as picking up the unicycle.

I didn’t think about these problems.

How do you manage the feeling of spending too much? I wish I could save on frames, seat and handlebars… looking at my unis I feel guilty to my wife and my children too…

Actually I own:
20" bad cheap learner, g26 road, 29 muni…

But soon it will be:
20" bad cheap, 20" freestyle, 24" freewheel, 26 fat, g26 road, 29 muni…

That’s why I was planning about a unique frame… I feel uncomfortable about my money usage

I’m a poor university student, so this excercise is a bit different for me, since there simply isn’t much money to spend. But I look at buying/upgrading unicycles like this:

Will it offer me something really new? For example: I have a 20"Freestyle and a 19" Trials/Street/Flat. I would kinda like a 20" with a wide rim for flatstyle, but then I look at it and think: I can do anything I would want to do on that unicycle with the unicycles I already have. So I don’t buy it.

On the other hand, when I started getting into Downhill, it was clear that I needed to buy my own 26", since none of my other unicycles at that point were capable.

How often will I use it? Pretty safe explaining. Just be honest with yourself, and if you find your answer is: “Well… Every few months to be realistic”, the money is probably better spend elsewhere.

You don’t need many unicycles to be happy with unicycling. I never had more than 3 (and a half), and that is over 15 years or so of being able to ride. I’d honestly rather spend my money on unicycle conventions.

For the purpose of travel I have brought a 36, 26, and G26 wheel to go with just a KH36 frame with a d’Brake, and external disks. It’s great for travel and if you have time to set-up before each ride and like tinkering, but it’s a pain if you are at home and just want to go for a ride.

The Hatchet is a cool frame and probably the most versatile if you want to go fat, and keeps the crown out of your way when you go skinny.

I had planned to build a fat wheel for my Nightfox frame, but never got around to doing it so don’t know how well it would work, and suspect I would get some rubbing with my 4.0" Domin8tor / 80mm GFS rim combo that I currently have from a previous frame. If I ever get that wheel re-built with a wide hub I will let you know if it works. I haven’t seen any reports of others trying yet.

I agree. Buy something and learn it , buy another and learn it. Eventually you’ll figure out what you like best. And you can sell what you don’t need.
The night fox is almost the most expensive set up out there.

You can buy a wheel with cranks for about the same cost as a lightly used whole unicycle.

A new 24" wheel and cranks (only) sold for about 175 on ebay. That’s about what I would pay for a lightly used whole 24 or 26" MUNI or street nimbus.

Swapping over seems like a nightmare, unless you’re a teenager who has all the time in the world… But I’ll bet you’ll get old quick and not ride as much since you’re spending your free time working , not having fun.

I learned on a 20", but will probably never go back to it. I’m onto bigger and better sizes.

For the “Modular Frame Concept” to work, I think you’ll need quick-release bearing holders. I have seen this done, using the hardware of quick-release seatposts. Might take some tweaking, and a little practice to learn how much tension is right for when you tighten them up.

If you want to simplify the process, and save a bunch of money, skip the brakes. But if you need brakes, I guess it would have to be discs (not rim brakes) to work with the modular concept. Or just have discs on the wheels that need brakes; most likely the bigger ones and the Muni wheel. Mount the brake lever under the seat where it’s protected but still reachable, and it shouldn’t be too much bother for the wheels with no brake.

Why doesn’t UDC or the other manufacturers offer such a system? It would cut into their sales. That said, if it became a trend, they could sell a lot of wheelsets. But wheelsets are a good portion of the cost of a unicycle. For each wheel you add, it’s a separate hub, cranks, pedals and the rest. Okay, you could switch around the pedals, but then you’re making the switchovers more complicated and time-consuming.

Unless you fly a lot, I think it’s still easiest to have whole, separate unicycles. Maybe switch the seats around with quick releases…

Jacob Flamberium did frame with quick release

And I love it!

The frame fits up to a 29 x 2.6, I originally made it for a 27.5’’ muni wheel. Back when I was riding that frame only for muni, I was switching between 3 wheels all the time. Having the QR clamps and the exact same disk size + spacer sizes just made it easy to switch. No adjustement needed. It takes under 2 minutes to switch a wheel. Plus, I had only one brake (I still use only one because I get used to it rather than switching brake feel on different unis).

Pictures and details on this thread

I could also do a video of changing a wheel if needed!

EDIT: Now that I look at the old thread, I really should be making a better version of them since I have a milling machine instead of an angle grinder and a dremel…

Great job!!!
I’ll look for making something similar!

I can make you something similar hahaha :stuck_out_tongue: It’s hard to modify an existing frame though, it’s easier when I can start from zero and modify the bearing clamps before I even start welding anything.