A-Frame for trials

I am building a few A-Frames for my upcoming attempts at discovering new ways to spectacularly injure myself whilst unicycling (trials).

I am making them from plywood, heavy steel door hinges and pine stud. The whole lot will be held together with screws and glue.

To make them stable I am aiming for a wider base than height, etc.

The important question is…

… is it preferable to put the stud on the outside of the ply, or inside where the hinges are?

Putting the pine on the inside will look neater.

Putting it on the outside should make them stronger as the screws that go through the hinges will also go right through the ply and into the stud.

Opinions Please!

Wayne van Wijk

This thread Trials stuff has much detailed info on the subject, including input from Kris Holm.