A Frame Design.

If you want to save some more weight along with the 16", drill your rim like the bike trials guys

Hey! Yoggi did it too!

edit: crap the image didn’t work here

Can you tell im bored?

thats like what you get when you cross a fire ladder and a unicycle frame

Do you have some sort of program that designs these?

No, i draw them all by hand then scan them onto the computer.

dude i just wanna know what the program is?


It looks like Miyata style bearing holders to me. As for your frame, I think it would be a good idea to use some triangle gussets to help hold the two pieces of sheet metal. I have a feeling that in order to make the frame ridged enough for hard core use.

They look more like Miyata bearing holders.

DK, try searching “try-all” rims. Yoggi didn’t drill his rim, it came that way. I have the same rim, but in pimptastic blue and silver. It’s super wide and rather light. The quality of it isn’t up to that of a surly, but it’s been fine so far.

drilling a rim like that could be tricky biz

Just build it! Test it, refine and rebuild it etc. You have a great future. The idea could be built using hand laminated carbon and epoxy. Just think about that.

I’v thought about a carbon frame before, my family has a very good friend who is the Chief Test pilot at Scaled Composites, and i am sure that they must have tons of scraps laying around, he might be able to snag me some…but then comes how to get bearing holders to attatch to carbon fiber, you can either mold some custom crabon fiber bering holders or you can uni the Yuni ones the UDC sells and come up with some mounting bracet to attatch them. But for not i think im gona stick to just plain steel frames for now.

are you just imune to money can you just take a frame and drill holes in it hoping it works or if it doesnt just go get another?

You don’t know what you’re talking about, do you? The cost of making a frame in materials is very low. The wilder frame has at most $50 worth of materials in it. The cost is in the manufacture. A kid like Evan or me, if we have the tools, can afford to make things and break them as if they’re disposable because a 13 or 16 year old’s labor is not expensive.

You can’t make stuff out of carbon fiber like what you described, Evan. Carbon fiber has to be molded before it’s dried, which isn’t easy. Using scraps won’t work. Also, it wouldn’t work very well with those ribs being cf because they’d be susceptible to cracks during falls.

i dont think you know what im talking aobut, i meant just the legs being carbon fiber, not the whole thing.

Evan i need to see a pic. of you riding that peg uni in your avatar.

And yes, Bevan is right, i could make about 25 frames for maybe a lil over 100 bucks, not high quality, super strong tirals frames, but kinda like yunis or uniteds.

God why dont you people get it!!! I CAN HARDLY RIDE A UNICYCLE! LET ALONE RIDE A BC WHEEL WITH A 99% CHANCE OF FALLING. I can not ride and trials/street/muni/freestyle for atleast 4-6 months, my leg has not healed, it takes a whole year to compleatly heal, the bone has meerly set.

Ohh I see…What happened to the good old leg…I’m new on this?