A Finger Dream.

Thought this should be in here to get more attention.

A Finger Dream


ohhh… i put it into the wrong forum

i really was expecting something different :roll_eyes:


was it raining out ?


it was raining out some time ago and it was very cold

i thought it was funny, love it hehehe

you did the same thing a lot

Where can I buy one (or several) of those tiny unis? They’re grand and would make great gifts for those I’m trying to convince to try uni’ing.

Never mind - found them thanks to another thread.

yup. pretty funny. and yes pretty repetitive.
Make some new moves while your still in your prime!!! your gonna break a finger doing things like that.

haha I got one of those from Darren when I bought my unicycle…I actually love to play with it like that too , very fun